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Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Muslim Mosques and Charitable Trusts or Wakfs Act, No. 51 of 1956, and the provisions of this Act, other than this section and section 54, shall come into operation on such date (hereinafter referred to as the " appointed date") as the Minister may appoint by Order published in the Gazette,* and this section and section 54 shall come into operation when this Act becomes an Act of Parliament.
2. Appointment of officers and servants.
3. Commissioner to be subject to directions of the board.
4. Deputy Commissioners may exercise and perform Commissioner's powers and duties.
5. The board.
6. Disqualifications.
7. Term of office of members.
8. Vacation of office by members appointed by the Minister.
9. Meetings of, and dissolution of, board.
9A. Delegation of powers, duties or functions of the board to the Commissioner. [ 2, 21 of 1962.]
10. Application for registration of mosques.
11. Board's power to call for information and documents as to mosques.
12. Register of mosques.
13. Registration of mosques. [ 3, 21 of 1962.]
13A. Registration of mosques on applications made after period specified in section 10. [ 4. 21 of 1962.]
13B. Power of board to register a mosque when no application for registration is made [ 4, 21 of 1962.]
13C. Power of board to cancel the registration of a mosque which had been registered by reason of a mistake of law or of fact. [ 4, 21 of 1962.]
14. Appointment of trustees of mosques, &c. [ 5. 21 of 1962.]
15. Vacation of office by trustee and appointment of successor.
15A. Duty of person or persons in charge of any property belonging to a mosque to hand over or deliver possession of such property to the duly appointed trustee or trustees of that mosque. [ 7, 21 of 1962.]
15B. Powers of trustees to appoint, exercise disciplinary-control over, and dismiss Katheebs, &c. [ 7, 21 of 1962.]
16. Vesting of property in the trustee or trustees of a registered mosque.
17. Deposit of moneys in an approved bank, &c.
18. The application of the income of a registered mosque.
19. Investment of moneys of mosque.
20. Restriction on mortgage or other alienation of immovable property of a registered mosque.
21. Recovery of immovable property improperly alienated.
22. Power to lease immovable property of registered mosque and cancellation of invalid leases.
22A. Duty of trustee or trustees of a registered mosque to maintain tills in accordance with directions of the board. [ 8, 21 of 1962.]
23. [ 9, 21 of 1962.]
24. [ 9, 21 of 1962.]
25. Trustee or trustees of registered mosque may sue.
26. Duty of trustees to keep accounts and maintain inventories.
27. Half-yearly statements of accounts to be sent to the board.
28. Audit of accounts.
29. Suspension and removal of trustee of mosque. [ 10, 21 of 1962.]
30. Effect of Part III.
31. Application of Parts II and III to Muslim shrines and places of religious resort.
32. Application of Part V.
33. Duty of trustees to furnish statements relating to the trusts or wakfs.
34. The contents of the statements to be furnished under section 33.
35. Duty of trustees to furnish statements of accounts.
36. Audit of accounts of trustees.
37. Inspection of certain documents.
38. Power of board to call for information or documents for verifying statements and accounts.
39. Commissioner or interested persons to have the power to institute action for enforcing the provisions of a Muslim charitable trust or wakf, &c.
40. Court's powers in settling schemes for the management of Muslim charitable trusts or wakfs.
41. Application of religious law, &c.
42. De facto Muslim charitable trusts or wakfs.
43. Muslim Charities Fund.
44. Investment of moneys in the fund.
45. Expenditure of moneys in the fund.
46. Duty of trustees to furnish statements of income.
47. Additional powers of court in actions.
48. Power of court to refer matters for arbitration or inquiry.
49. Powers of arbitrators and committees.
50. Actions not to bar, or be suspended by, criminal proceedings.
51. Right of trustees to apply to court for directions or assistance. Cap. 87.
52. Commissioner's statement of board's decision to be conclusive evidence thereof.
53. Offences.
54. Regulations.
55. Non-application of sections 100 to 109 of Trusts Ordinance.
56. Repeals.
57. [ 14, 21 of 1962.]
57B. No action against board, &., for things done in good faith under the Act. [ 15, 21 of 1962.]
57B. Application of the Act. [ 15, 21 of 1962.]
58. Interpretation.
1. In Parts II and III, there shall be substituted for the word " mosque ", wherever that word occurs in those Parts, the words " shrine or place of religious resort".
muslim mosques and charitable trusts or wakfs. Section - muslim mosques and charitable trusts or wakfs
3. Section - 3
3A. [ 17, 21 of 1962.]
4. Section - 4
5. Section - 5