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Acts & Ordinances
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Water Resources Board Act, No. 29 of 1964.
2. Establishment of Water Resources Board.
3. Seal of the Board.
4. Constitution of the Board.
5. Chairman of the Board.
6. Quorum.
7. The procedure of the Board.
8. Remuneration of Chairman and other members of the Board.
9. Officers and servants of the Board.
10. Secretariat to the Board.
11. Expenditure to be charged to Consolidated Fund.
12. Duties of the Board.
13. Board may engage persons as advisers.
14. Inter-Departmental Advisory Committee.
15. Board may call for information.
16. Rules.
17. Accounts and audit of accounts.
18. Powers of the Auditor-General and his assistants.
19. Report of the Board and copies of Auditor-General's report and statement of accounts to be sent to the Minister and laid before the Senate and the House of Representatives.
20. Punishments for offences
21. Interpretation.