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Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Local Government Service Act, No. 18 of 1969, and shall come into operation on such date (hereafter in this Act referred to as the " appointed date ") as the Minister may appoint by Order published in the Gazette.
2. Establishment of Local Government Service Commission.
3. Conduct of business.
4. Staff of the Commission.
5. Remuneration of Chairman and other members of the Commission.
6. Powers of the Commission.
7. Powers of the Minister in relation to the Commission.
8. Division of Ceylon into areas for the purposes of this Act, and residential qualifications.
9. Application of the Commissions of Inquiry Act.
10. Constitution of a Local Government Service, and provisions relating to members of that service.
11. Appointments to be made by the Commission.
12. Appointments, transfers, salaries, and abolition of posts.
13. Certain enactments not to apply to the Commission and to members of the service.
14. Rules.
15. Duties of local authorities.
16. Establishment of Pension Fund.
17. Establishment of Widows' and Orphans' Pension Fund.
18. Establishment of Provident Fund.
19. Regulations
20. Repeal of the Local Government Service Ordinance (Chapter 264),
21. Officers or servants on staff of the Local Government Service Commission established by the repealed Ordinance deemed to have- been retired on the ground of abolition of their offices.
22. Amendment and replacement of Schedule.
23. Removal of difficulties.
24. Contributions by local authorities to the Local Government Service Pension Fund, the Local Government Service Widows' and Orphans' Pension Fund and the Local Government Service Provident Fund
25. Minister to make regulations.
26. Commission to make rules.
27. Immunity of individual members of the Commission,
28. Interpretation.