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Acts & Ordinances
Marginal Notes
1. This Law may be cited as the National Archives Law, No. 48 of 1973.
2. Date of operation.
3. Department of National Archives.
4. Appointment of officers.
5. Official seal.
6. National Archives Advisory Council.
7. Functions of the Advisory Council.
8. Powers and duties of the Director.
9. Selection and transfer of public records to the National Archives.
10. Procedure relating to documents where public office is to be closed down.
11. Records of Commissions, &c. to be transmitted to the Director. Cap. 393.
12. Documents and manuscripts in private possession.
13. Transmission of certain copies or specimens of certain publications to the Director.
14. Prohibition of export of certain documents and manuscripts from Sri Lanka.
15. Authentication of copies and extracts.
16. Regulations.
17. Penalties.
18. Records etc. maintained under certain written laws but transferred to the National Archives to be maintained under those written laws.
19. Savings in the case of certain records.
20. This Law not to affect the operation. of the National Museums Ordinance. Cap. 187.
21. Amendment of certain written law Cap. 178.
22. Deposit in the National Archives of public and private records received for permanent preservation.
23. Temporary transfer of records from National Archives.
24. Interpretation.