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Marginal Notes
1. This Law may be cited as the National Water Supply and Drainage Board Law, No. 2 of 1974, and shall come into operation on such date as the Minister may appoint by Order published in the Gazette, (in this Law referred to as the "appointed date ").
2. National Water Supply and Drainage Board.
3. The Board to be a body corporate.
4. The objects of the Board.
5. Constitution of the Board.
6. Seal of the Board.
7. Remuneration of members of the Board.
8. Presidency of meetings.
9. Quorum.
10. Meetings of the Board.
11. Head office of the Board.
12. Minister's directions to the Board.
13. Members of the Board deemed to be state officers.
14. The Board deemed to be a scheduled institution within the meaning of the Bribery Act.
15. Areas of authority of the Board.
16. General duties of the Board in its areas of authority.
17. Powers of the Board.
18. Consultants.
19. Power of the Board to supervise and control waterworks and sewerage works Installed for joint schemes,
20. Disputes arising from exercise of powers of Board under section 19.
21. Board to undertake exclusively supply of water.
22. Board to construct intakes, filters, tanks, aqueducts, and other works.
23. Power of the Board to break up streets, &c., and enter private land.
24. Board to lay or enlarge water main along private street.
25. Right of water rate payers to free use of water from public stand-pipes for domestic purposes.
26. "Domestic purposes", what not included in..
27. Power of General Manager to enter and examine premises.
28. Penalty for suffering pipes, &c., to be out of repair.
29. Power of General Manager to repair pipes, &c., and recover expenses.
30. Misuse of water.
31. Penalty for affixing pipe or apparatus to communication or other pipe without the consent of the General Manager.
32. Penalty for supplying water to, or permitting it to be taken from supplied premises by, any other person.
33. Penalty for taking or using water from reservoir, &c.
34. Penalty for destroying or injuring works, &c. and wasting water.
35. Power of General Manager to cut off water supply in certain cases.
36. General Manager or his agents may enter any building or premises for cutting off water supply.
37. Penalty for fouling water, &c,
38. Penalty for doing any act connected with any business by which the water in any stream, &c., belonging to the waterworks is fouled.
39. Cost of the examination.
40. Board to construct sewers, outfalls, treatment works and other works.
41. Power of the Board to break up streets, &c., and enter private land.
42. Power to affix to buildings, pipes for ventilation of sewers.
43. Connection of private sewer with any public sewer without authority.
44. Erection of building over public sewers.
45. Construction, &c. of private sewers.
46. Sewers in new buildings.
47. Sewerage of premises within three hundred feet of sewer.
48. Sewerage in combination.
49. Right to carry sewers through land belonging to other persons.
50. Right of owners to joint use of sewers.
51. Maintenance and repair of sewer.
52. Reconstruction of defective sewers and appliances.
53. Sewers or appliances laid under streets.
54. Entry to premises.
55. New sewers not to be used without permission.
56. Offences.
57. Transfer to the Board of any Government water supply and sewerage undertakings.
58. Voluntary transfer scheme.
59. Compulsory transfer scheme.
60. Direction for preparation of compulsory transfer scheme.
61. Contents of transfer scheme.
62. Powers of Board for the purposes of the preparation of a transfer scheme.
63. Presentation of scheme to Minister for approval.
64. Orders to give effect to transfer scheme.
65. Reference of certain disputes to Minister.
66. Procedure for taking possession of property for and on behalf of Board.
67. Prevention of, or obstruction to, taking possession of property for and on behalf of Board.
68. General Manager of the Board, his powers and duties and their delegation.
69. Appointments to the staff of the Board.
70. Retirement of state officers of the Department and their employment by the Board.
71. Employment of personnel in case of transfer of water supply and sewerage undertakings of a local authority to the Board.
72. Appointment of state officers and servants of local authorities other than those referred to in sections 70 and 71 to the staff of the Board.
73. Service to the Board to be regarded as service to the Government for the purposes of contracts to serve the Government.
74. Employment by Board of persons already in receipt of pensions.
75. Interpretation.
76. Members of the staff of the Board deemed to be state officers.
77. Application of the provisions of the Finance Act, No. 38 of 1971.
78. Financial year.
79. Capital of the Board.
80. Sri Lanka Water Supply and Sewerage Stock.
81. Government guarantee.
82. Minister of Finance to inform National State Assembly about guarantee.
83. Reserve funds.
84. Board to fix rates and charges.
85. Power to fix different charges.
86. Board to determine charges in cases of doubt.
87. Recovery of water supply charge and sewerage charge
88. Discontinuance of supply to consumer neglecting to pay charges.
89. Special provision relating to rates and charges payable by local authority.
90. Regulations.
91. Penalty for contravention of regulation.
92. Acquisition of immovable property under the land Acquisition Act for the Board.
93. Power of companies, &c, to enter into contracts with the Board.
94. Protection for action taken tinder this Law or on the direction of the Board.
95. No writ to issue against person or property of member of the Board.
96. Special grant of lease of property belonging to the Republic to Board.
97. Penalty for causing failure of water services of the Board.
98. Power of Board to make rules under this Law.
99. This Law to prevail over other written law.
100. Interpretation.