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Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Engineering Council, Sri Lanka Act, No. 4 of 2017.
2. Establishment of the Engineering Council, Sri Lanka.
3. Constitution of the Council.
4. Chairman of the Council.
5. Financial interest of the members.
6. Disqualifications to be a member.
7. Ex-officio members.
8. Provisions relating to appointed members.
9. Meetings of the Council.
10. The Seal.
11. Remuneration for attending meetings of the Council.
12. Functions of the Council.
13. Powers of the Council.
14. Engineering practitioners to register under this Act.
15. Application for registration as an engineering practitioner.
16. Cancellation or suspension of registration.
17. Use of abbreviated designations.
18. Registration of foreign engineers.
19. Appeals.
20. Appeals Board.
21. Appointment of the Chief Executive Officer of the Council.
22. Staff of the Council.
23. Public officers to be appointed to the Staff of the Council.
24. Registrar.
25. Registers to be kept by Registrar.
26. Fund of the Council.
27. Council to maintain accounts.
28. Financial year and audit of accounts.
29. Investment of funds.
30. Borrowing powers of the Council.
31. Annual Report.
32. Declaration of secrecy.
33. Delegation of powers of the Council.
34. Directions by the Minister.
35. Officers and employees of the Council deemed to be public officers.
36. Council deemed to be a Scheduled institution.
37. Expenses in suit or prosecution to be paid out of the Fund.
38. Regulations.
39. Rules.
40. Offences and penalties.
41. Interpretation.
42. Sinhala text to prevail in case of inconsistency.