Section No :  
Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Air Ceylon Act, and shall come into operation on the 15th day of March, 1951, (hereinafter referred to as the " appointed date").
2. Establishment of "Air Ceylon " corporation.
3. Functions and powers of the corporation.
4. Control of Minister over certain activities. [ 2, 40 of 1971.]
4A. Power of the Minister to issue directions to the corporation.
5. Capital.
6. Government contribution of capital.
7. Commencement of business.
8. Person who may execute documents and make payments on behalf of Government.
9. Appointment of members of the corporation. [ 2, 40 of 1971.]
10. Term of office, &c.
11. Vacation of office.
12. Remuneration, &c, of members of corporation.
13. Custody and use of common seal.
14. Appointment and remuneration of officers, &c.
15. Contracts
16. Bills of exchange and promissory-notes.
17. Execution of deeds abroad.
18. Receipts when valid.
19. Delegation of functions of corporation.
20. Application of law relating to carriage by air and aerial navigation.
21. Accounts of corporation.
22. Audit of accounts.
23. Application of moneys of corporation.
24. Investment of moneys.
25. Reserves.
26. Payments to Consolidated Fund.
27. Section 3 Repealed By [ 2, 18 of 1965.]
28. Minister may request corporation to operate service.
29. By-laws.
30. Transfer of existing Air Ceylon assets to corporation.
31. Company law not to apply to corporation.
32. Power of Governor-General in emergency.
33. Agreement for participation.
34. Application of this Part.
35. Participant's contribution of capital.
36. Government and participant to be shareholders in corporation.
37. Restriction on sale, &c, of shares of participant.
38. Acquisition by Government of participant's shares.
39. Valuation of participant's shares.
40. Payment for shares acquired or purchased by Government.
41. Purchase of aircraft, equipment, &c, and hiring of aircraft from participant.
42. Additional members of corporation may be nominated by participant.
43. Nomination of General Manager by participant.
44. Operations committee.
45. Restriction on increase of capital.
46. Provision for payment of dividends.
47. Employment of Ceylonese personnel.