Section No :  
Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Crown Lands Ordinance.
2. Grants, leases, and other dispositions of Crown land.
3. Surrender of land comprised in instrument of disposition.
4. Surrender and subdivision.
5. Exchange of Crown land for private land.
6. Special grants and leases.
7. Surrender of special grants and leases.
8. Execution and contents of instruments of disposition.
9. Survey of land to precede issue of grant or long-term lease.
10. Reservation of minerals.
11. Covenants and conditions to run with the land.
12. Minor bound by covenants and conditions of instrument executed in his favour.
13. Power of Governor-General to fix, revise or remit payments due to the Crown.
14. Power of Governor-General to mitigate, &c, conditions in leases, &c.
15. Power of Governor-General to grant extension of time for performance of covenants.
16. Permits and licences may be personal to grantees thereof.
17. Cancellation of permits or licences.
18. No legal claim for compensation to be founded on cancellation of permit or licence.
19. Dispositions executed by grantee contrary to provisions in instrument of disposition are void.
20. Rectification of errors, &c, in instruments of disposition.
21. Use of the Public Seal of the Island.
22. Execution of instruments of disposition.
23. Authentication of instruments required to be signed by the Governor-General.
24. Authentication of copies of instruments signed by the Governor-General.
25. Penalty for unlawful possession or use of stamp of Governor-General's signature.
26. Registration of grams and leases.
27. Vesting orders.
28. Vesting orders in favour of authorities which are not corporations in law.
29. Title of Crown unaffected by vesting orders.
30. Revocation of vesting order.
31. No compensation payable upon revocation of vesting order
32. Surrender of vested lands.
33. Effect of revocation of vesting order or surrender of vested land.
34. Written law enacted for protection of Crown lands to apply equally to lands vested in a local authority.
35. Survey of Crown land vested in a local authority on requisition of Land Commissioner.
36. Part III not to apply to land acquired under the Land Acquisition Ordinance or Act and thereafter vested in any authority.
37. Village Committees to furnish schedules of Crown lands claimed to be vested under section 31 of Village Communities Ordinance.
38. Recommendation of Government Agent on claim preferred and notification thereof to Village Committee.
39. Appeal to Minister.
40. Powers of Minister on appeal.
41. Procedure where Minister desires further evidence or information.
42. Decision of Minister to be submitted to Governor-General for confirmation.
43. Where no appeal, recommendation of Government Agent to be submitted to Governor-General for confirmation.
44. Governor-General's order on all claims to be final and conclusive.
45. Vesting orders to be issued on establishment of claim of Village Committee.
46. Failure to claim Crown land is presumptive proof that such land is not vested under section 31 of Village Communities Ordinance.
47. Special leases by-local authorities of lands vested in such authorities.
48. Cancellation of Karaiyur slum area leases and provision for issue of new leases.
49. Constitution of Crown reservations.
50. Crown reservations for public streams.
51. Cancellation of Crown reservations.
52. Title to Crown reservations cannot be acquired by possession or. user.
53. Crown not liable to pay compensation for improvements effected on reservations after commencement of Ordinance.
54. Summary ejectment of offenders in unlawful possession of Crown reservations.
55. Road reservations.
56. Cancellation of road reservations.
57. Lease of road reservations.
58. Administration of foreshore vested in the Crown.
59. Regulation of user of foreshore.
60. Government authorized to construct works on foreshore, &c.
61. Power to lease foreshore and sea-bed.
62. Power to issue permits for temporary occupation of foreshore and sea-bed.
63. Power to declare area from which sea sand, &c, may not be removed.
64. Power of Government Agent to prohibit removal of sand, &c, from any particular place on foreshore.
65. Penalty for unlawful removal of sand from foreshore, &c.
66. Meaning of " removal of sand ", &c.
67. Appeals to the Minister.
68. Proclamations and prohibitions issued under Seashore Protection Ordinance deemed to be in force under this Ordinance.
69. Saving as to rights to foreshore.
70. Interpretation of Part IX.
71. Tanks may be declared as lakes.
72. Right of Crown in waters of public lakes and streams.
73. Restrictions to right of the Crown.
74. Compensation for extinction of prescriptive right to use water in public lake or public stream. [ 2, 9 of 1947.]
75. Rights of riparian proprietors.
76. Crown is owner of bed of public lake or stream.
77. Permits to divert Water and construct works and bridges.
78. Matters to be taken into account in considering an application for a permit under section 77.
79. Advisory-board.
80. Communication of Government Agent's decision to applicant for permit
81. Right of aggrieved applicant to appeal to District Court.
82. Validation of previous licences, &c.
83. Penalty for unlawful diversion of water of public lake or stream, &c.
84. Cancellation of permits.
85. Certificate of Government Agent.
86. Application of summary procedure for recovery of moneys due to Crown. under instruments of disposition.
87. Cancellation of instruments of disposition for nonpayment of moneys due to the Crown.
88. Notice to issue on party in occupation to vacate land.
89. Ejectment where occupant fails to vacate land.
90. Application of Part X to all instruments of disposition.
91. Administration of Ordinance.
92. Powers of Land Commissioner.
93. Appointment of officers and servants.
94. All officers, &c, to be public servants.
95. Regulations.
96. Matters which may be provided for by regulation.
97. Offences under regulations.
98. Regulations must be approved by Senate and the House of Representatives.
99. Regulations to have statutory-force.
100. Power of Governor-General to take lands on lease.
101. Disposition of Crown land over 5,000 feet in elevation.
102. Title to public roads, &c, vested in the Crown. [ 2, 13 of 1949.]
103. No prescriptive title to land settled, &c.
104. Power of Governor-General to accept donations.
105. Delegation of Governor-General's powers.
106. Covenants in instruments of disposition to bind minor if it is executed with assistance of curator.
107. Government Agents authorized to appoint curators.
108. Alluvial and other accretions.
109. Power to inspect Crown lands after disposition.
110. Interpretation.
111. Savings.