Section No :  
Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Anuradhapura Preservation Board Act, No. 32 of 1961, and shall come into operation on such date as the Minister may appoint by Order published in the Gazette. * [* 14th June, 1961, appointed as the date of operation by-Order published in Gazette Extraordinary No. 12,467 of 13th June, 1961. ]
2. Anuradhapura Preservation Board.
3. Constitution of the Board.
4. Seal of the Board.
5. Quorum for meeting of Board.
6. Appointment of officers and servants.
7. Area of Authority.
8. Controlled Area and Outer Area.
9. Functions of the Board.
10. Roads and waterworks.
11. Works requiring sanction of the Board.
12. Provisions relating to the generation and supply of electrical energy within the Controlled Area.
13. Other activities of the Board.
14. Crown lands. Cap. 454.
15. Compulsory acquisition of land in Area of Authority Cap. 460.
16. Possession of land in Area of Authority otherwise than under Land Acquisition Act.
17. Effect of possession under section 16.
18. General powers.
19. Power to impose and levy rates.
20. Exemption from rates.
21. Powers to borrow.
22. Special powers in respect of Area of Authority.
23. Power to make rules.
24. Power to make by-laws.
25. Fund of the Board.
26. Exemption from income tax.
27. Accounts, audit and annual report.
28. Documents to be transmitted to the Minister to be placed before the Senate and the House of Representatives.
29. Minister's power to make regulations.
30. General Manager.
31. Appointment of public officers and local Government officers.
32. Abolition of posts or offices by the Board.
33. Dissolution of Village Councils in Controlled Area
34. Town of Anuradhapura excluded from operation of the Urban Councils Ordinance, and the Special Commissioner appointed for that town to cease to administer the affairs of that town. Cap. 255.
35. Officers and servants of the Anuradhapura Urban Council to become officers and servants of the Board.
36. Establishment of local authorities in the Controlled Area.
37. Minister's directions to the Board.
38. Power to enter any land or premises.
39. Members and employees of the Board deemed to be public servants. Cap. 19.
40. Protection for action taken under this Act.
41. Forests of the Board. Cap. 451.
42. Power of Minister to modify certain written laws. Cap. 158. Cap. 216. Cap. 203. Cap. 269.
43. Special provision to meet unforeseen difficulties.
44. Offences and penalties.
45. Effect of other laws.
46. Amendment of Schedules.
47. Interpretation.