Section No :  
Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Airports Authority Act.
2. Establishment of the Airports Authority.
3. Constitution of the Authority.
4. Term of office of members.
5. Resignation, removal and reappointment of members.
6. Remuneration of members.
7. Rules for the regulation of procedure and transaction of business.
8. Validity of proceedings.
9. Quorum.
10. Meetings of the Authority.
11. Members to disclose interest in contract proposed to be made by the Authority.
12. Authority subject to the direction and control of the Minister.
13. Authority vested with supervision, control and administration of its affairs and business.
14. The Authority's duties.
15. Minister may direct Authority to establish aerodromes.
16. Authority not to discontinue use of aerodromes.
17. Temporary closure of aerodromes.
18. Authority to provide for consultation.
19. Functions of Authority.
20. Duty in the event of an accident.
21. Power of the Authority.
22. Authority may charge fees or rent.
23. Authority to have lien.
24. Rules.
25. Grant to the Authority from the consolidated Fund.
26. The Fund of the Authority.
27. Borrowing powers of the Authority.
28. Application of the provisions of the Public Corporations (Financial Control) Act.
29. Financial year of the Authority.
30. Staff of the Authority.
31. Notice required to be given by certain public officers of the Department of Civil Aviation before the appointed date.
32. Effect of notice under any of (a) to (c) of section 31 (2).
33. Appointment of public officers, other than those to whom section 31 applies, to the staff of the Authority.
34. Protection of members, officers and servants of the Authority for action taken under this Act.
35. Members and employees of the Authority deemed to be public servants.
36. Authority deemed to be a scheduled institution within the meaning of the Bribery Act.
37. Transfer of properly and rights and obligations to the Authority and modification of written law.
38. Effect of Minister's Order.
39. Acquisition of land under the Land Acquisition Act for the Authority.
40. Director of civil Aviation be afforded access to airport.
41. Regulations.
42. Rules and regulations to be approved by parliament.
43. Offences and penalties,
44. Interpretation.