Section No :  
Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Boats Ordinance.
2. Boats to be licensed.
3. Proper authority to issue licence on application and after inquiry.
4. Licence to be a stamped,
5. Licence to be numbered and registered.
6. Proper authority may withdraw licence.
7. Number of boat to be painted thereon.
8. Notice of transfer to be given.
9. Notice to be given if boat destroyed or rendered unfit for use.
10. Owner to have original licence
11. Proper authority may issue licence & place of one lost or destroyed.
12. Books and lists to be kept of boats licensed.
13. Stamp duty payable under Ordinance how disposed of.
14. Liabilities of the owners of licensed boats.
15. Not liable for loss of certain goods above fifty rupees unless delivered as such.
16. increased rate of charge for such goods
17. Carriers to give receipts.Penalty in case of neglect.
18. Publication of notice not to limit liability of carrier.
19. Any owner may be sued.
20. Parties entitled to damages may also recover extra charges.
21. Owner liable for thefts committed by his servants, &c.
22. Owner liable to such damages only as are proved.
23. Goods sent by boats to be delivered within twentyfour hours.
24. Regulations.
25. Publication of regulations.
26. Penalties.
27. Saving clause.
28. Execution of Ordinance may be delegated to Master Attendant or Collector of Customs.
29. Proof of license to be on the accused.
30. Burden of proof.
31. Informer's share of penalty.
32. Limitation of prosecution.
33. Certain boats excempted from ordinances.
34. Interpretation.