Section No :  
Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Mental Diseases Ordinance,
2. Application to District Court to inquire into the state of mind of persons suspected to be of unsound mind.
3. Proceedings thereupon by the District Court.
4. Continuation of inquiry after remand of a suspected person.
5. If no relative or friend will undertake custody of such person, he shall be sent to a mental hospital.
6. Minister may, on petition of relatives, admit such persons (not being paupers) into mental hospital.
7. Emergency orders.
8. Relatives may take persons confined in mental hospital under their own care.
9. Prisoners under sentence in jail on becoming of unsound mind to be removed to mental hospital.
10. Further proceeding at expiration of sentence if the person shall not have recovered.
11. Inquiry as to property and circumstances in case where no security is given.
12. Maintenance of persons in custody out of their own property.
13. Proceedings exempt from stamp duty.
14. Appointment of Visitors.
15. Minister to make regulations for conduct and management of mental hospital.
16. Person escaping from mental hospital may be retaken by Superintendent within fourteen days.
17. Person escaping from mental hospital, not being an insane criminal, may be retaken after fourteen days with authority of District Judge.
18. Absence on trial.
19. Right of appeal from order of District Court.
20. Who may prosecute appeal.
21. Appeal to follow rules form interlocutory orders.
22. Duty of Court of Appeal and District Court in case of appeal.
23. Power to recieve voluntary patients in mental hospitals.
24. Voluntary patient may leave mental hospital upon giving notice of intention to do
25. Notice to the Director of Health Services of the reception, death and departure of voluntary patients.
26. Reports from the Superintendent of a mental hospital on voluntary patients under the age of sixteen years.
27. Discharge of voluntary patients from mental hospitals.
28. Power to receive patients in mental hospitals.
29. Notice to the Director of Health Services of the reception, death and departure of temporary patients.
30. Detention and discharge of temporary patient.
31. Power of the Director of Health Services to order discharge, & c, of voluntary and temporary patients.
32. Power to vary & c. forms in the Schedule.
33. Interpretation.
34. Substitution of the expression in same criminal" for criminal lunatic in any written law.