Section No :  
Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. Short title.
2. Slaughter of cows and cow- calves prohibited. [ 2, 46 of 1988]
3. Regulations.[3, 46 of 1988]
3A. Power of Court to confiscate vehicles. [ 3, 10 of 1968]
3AA. Care of animals against whom offences are committed.[ 2, 10 of 2009]
3B. Power to compound offences. [ 3, 10 of 1968] [ 4, 46 of 1988]
3C. Transport permits in respect of removal of animals.[5, 46 of 1988]
3D. Penalty for the offences committed under Part II.[ 4, 10 of 2009]
3E. Offences under this Part to be cognizable.[ 5, 46 of 1988][ 3, 10 of 2009]
5. Cattle above age of eighteen months to be branded.
5A. Branding of animals in non-stipulated places, an offence.[6, 46 of 1988]
6. Return of description and brand marks on cattle to be furnished to the Government Veterinary Surgeon by owners. [ 7, 46 of 1988]
7. Duty of Government Veterinary Surgeon to maintain a cattle register and to issue cattle vouchers. [ 8, 46 of 1988]
8. Cattle vouchers.
9. Power of Government Veterinary Surgeon to direct owner of an animal to brand with marks to indicate locality. [ 9, 46 of 1988]
10. Appointment of branding officers.
11. Regulations.
13. offence of Permitting animals to trespass.
14. Power of the owner or occupier of any cultivated private land to seize and detain any animal trespassing on such land.
15. Power of a Government Agent or a person authorized by him to seize and detain animals trespassing on irrigation works, aerodromes, salterns, lines of railway or land appertaining thereto, public roads, public parks or State lands.
16. Persons authorized by a Government Agent to seize trespassing animals to he deemed to be public servants.
17. Remuneration of persons authorized by a Government Agent to seize trespassing animals.
18. Payment of penalty by the owner or person in charge of an animal which is seized by a person authorized by the Government Agent. [ 10, 46 of 1988]
19. Liability of owner or person in charge of animal committing trespass which cannot be seized.
19A. Sale of unclaimed animals by public auction.[11, 46 of 1988]
20. Interference with seizers of animals.
21. Driving of animals by persons into private lands, irrigation works, aerodromes, salterns, lines of railway or land appertaining thereto, public roads, public parks or State lands and not taking steps to prevent damage, an offence.[ 4, 10 of 1968]
22. Seizure and shooting of animals which are in the habit of trespassing.
23. Destruction of Stray pigs or poultry. [ 5, 10 of 1968]
24. Disposal of the carcasses of animals which are destroyed. [12, 46 of 1988]
24A. Recovery of fine from the owner of animals that have trespassed.[13, 46 of 1988]
25. Failure to pay damages, expenses or penalty an offence, and recovery of damages, expenses or penalty. [ 14, 46 of 1988]
26. Regulations.
26A. Definition of certain terms for the purposes of this Part of this Act. [8, 10 of 1968]
28. Prohibition of the possession of certain male animals.
29. Issue of certificates by veterinary surgeons or authorized officers.
30. Tags to be attached to animals in respect of which certificates are issued.
31. Issue of false certificates by veterinary authorized officers.
32. Cancellation of certificates issued by Veterinary surgeons or authorized officers.
33. Power of veterinary surgeon or authorized officer to order the castration of any animal which is unfit for breeding.
34. Regulations.
35. Power of Minister to make regulations.
36. Contraventions of the provisions of the Act or regulations made thereunder.
37. General penalty. [ 15, 46 of 1988]
37A. Special provision regarding Jurisdiction to try certain offences.[ 9, l0 of 1968]
37B. Government Veterinary Surgeons deemed to be peace officers.[16, 46 of 1988]
38. Interpretation. [17,46 of 1988]