Section No :  
Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. This Law may be cited as the Transfer of Powers (Anuradhapura Preservation Board) Law.
2. Local authorities to be constituted for the Area of' Authority of the Anuradhapura Preservation Board.
3. Appointment of special Commissioner. [2,47 of 1979]
4. Appointment of administration. [3,47 of 1979]
5. Transfer and vesting of property, rights, duties, &c, of the Board in the local authorities [ 4, 47 of 1979]
6. Other property vested in local authority.[ 5, 47 of 1979]
6A. Certain property formally vested in the local authority to rest in the state[ 8, 47 of 1979]
7. Vesting not to prejudice right of Stale, & c.
8. Pending suits and appeals. & c.,to be continued by or against the local authorities.
9. By-laws and licences in force in Area of Authority to continue in force.
10. Officers and servants of the Board.
11. Power to transfer money and any movable property of the Board.
12. Land revested in the State.
13. Regulations.
15. Interpretation .