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Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. The chiefs and people of the Kandyan nation, no longer able to endure the cruelties and oppressions which the late King Sri Wikreme Rajah Sinha tyrannically practised towards them, prayed the assistance of the British Government for their relief, and by a solemn act declared the late king deposed, and himself and all persons descending from or in any manner related to his family incapable of claiming or exercising royal authority within the Kandyan provinces, which were by the same solemn act ceded to the dominion of the British Sovereign.
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3. Section - 3
4. Section - 4
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6. Section - 6
7. Declaration of British supremacy. Equal rights of every kandyan subject.
10. Form of appointment to office.
16. Religion,Erection of places of worship.
21. Temple lands exempted from taxation.
22. Lands belonging to certain loyal chief exempted from tax.
23. Lands of chiefs holding office exempted,
24. All present prohibited Provisions British officers, troops or other servants of Government travelling, be furnished for payment
28. Remuneration for service of superior chiefs.
29. Remuneration to inferior chiefs.
56. Reservation of powers of making further provisions.General obedience enjoined.