Section No :  
Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Vagrants Ordinance.
2. Punishment of persons behaving riotously or disorderly in the public streets.
3. Section - 3
4. Who are deemed to be rogues and vagabonds.
5. Who are deemed to be incorrigible rogues.
6. Incorrigible rogue may be required to give security for future food behaviour.
7. Soliciting and acts of indecency in public places.
8. Female offender may be committed to house of detention.
9. Punishment of certain classes of incorrigible rogues.
10. Detention of youthful bad characters.
11. Causing, &c, the seduction or prostitution or unlawful carnal knowledge of a girl.
12. Security by parent or guardian of girl.
13. Detention of girl in place safety
14. Disposal of court
15. Control and maintenance of girl delivered into custody of any person or society by order of court.
16. Offences to be non-cognizable and bailable.
17. Search warrant.
18. Sanction of Attorney-General for prosecution, &c.
19. Protection of peace officers and probation officers.
20. Officers neglecting their duty.
21. Persons obstructing officers.
22. Fines to be levied by distress. Informer's share.
23. No prosecution to be instituted after one month.
24. Sworn statement by person leaving Sri Lanka.
25. Interpretation.