Section No :  
Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. Short title and application of Ordinance.
2. Interpretation.
3. Validity of deeds of disposition not to be affected by absence of clause of disinherison.
4. Revocation of deeds of gift
5. Deeds of gift which cannot be revoked.
6. Compensation for revocation.
7. Method of adoption.
8. Rights of person adopted.
9. Binna and diga marriages.
10. "Paraveni property '
11. widow.
12. Daughter married in diga after father's death.
13. Issue of two marriages : per capita.
14. Legitimate and illegitimate.
15. Illegitimate children.
16. Succession to person dying intestate leaving no surviving spouse or descendant.
17. Brothers and sisters inter se always inherit as sons and, daughters.
18. Succession to woman married in diga or married in binna on mother's property
19. Rights of diga widower on death of spouse intestate and issueless. [ 2, 25 of 1944]
20. Heirlooms and movables appertaining to paraveni.
21. The widow's paraphernalia.
22. The widow or widower.
23. All children inherit equally.
24. When there is no surviving child or descendant.
25. Assistance and support not to affect rights of succession.
26. Saving existing judgments, decrees, or orders.
27. Ordinance not to have retrospective effect unless expressly so provided.