Section No :  
Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act.
2. Application of Act.
3. Supervisory powers of Registrar-General and District Registrars.
4. The Muslim Marriage and Advisory Board.
5. Nominated members of the Board.
6. Function of the board.
7. Meetings of the board.
8. Registrars of Muslim Marriages. [2, 40 of 2006]
9. Temporary Registrars. [2,32 of 1969]
10. Special registrars.
11. Registration of marriages outside area of appointment.
12. Quazis. [2,1 of 1965]
13. Temporary Quazis. [3,1 of 1965]
14. Special Quazis. [4,1 of 1965]
15. Board or Quazis. [5,1 of 1965]
16. Validity or invalidity of Muslim marriages.
17. Duty of causing marriages to be registered
18. Declaration and form of registration [2, 24 of 2013]
19. Entries of marriage to be signed and attested. [7,41 of 1975]
19A. Issue of copy of registration entry free. [7,41 of 1975]
20. Marriages to be registered and numbered consecutively.
21. Attendance of registrar at marriage.
22. Marriage during iddat not to be registered.
23. Marriage of girl who has not attained the age of twelve not to be registered without Quazi's permission.
24. Second or subsequent marriages.
25. Declaration of Snaffle law as to marriage of women of that sect
26. Wali of bride.
27. Divorce by husband.
28. Divorce by wife.
29. Registration of divorce.[7,41 of 1975]
30. Registration of divorces in cases where proof of divorce is inadequate
31. Effect of registration of divorce or remarriage.
32. Power to register marriages and divorces omitted to be registered and to rectify errors in registration.
33. Certain powers of District Registrar under section 32 exercisable by Registrar-General. [4,32 of 1969]
34. Claims for wife's maintenance.
35. Claims for child's maintenance.
36. Orders for payment of maintenance from date of claim.
37. Representation of woman in claiming for mahr or kaikuli.
38. Disposal of moneys received by Quazi in claims where party is represented under section 37.
39. Prescription of action for mahr.
40. Power of Registrar-General and District Registrars to inspect registers, &c [5,32 of 1969]
41. Power of District Registrar to dispose of money paid under section 52.
42. Duty of District Registrar to cause copies of Quazis' entries to be bound.
43. Power of Board of Quazis to call for records.
44. Revisory powers of Board of Quazis.
45. Duty of Board of Quazis to furnish Registrar-General with opinions on questions of Muslim law.
46. Duty of Board of Quazis to advise on questions of law submitted by a Quazi.
47. General powers of Quazis.
48. Quazi to have exclusive jurisdiction to inquire into matters specified in section 47.
49. Quazis' oath of office.
50. Power of Quazi to administer oaths
51. Quazis to enter into security bonds.
52. Quazis to keep record of moneys received and paid by them.
53. Quazis to report to District Registrar sums deposited or withdrawn under section 38.
54. Quazis to send copies of entries and indexes to District Registrar each month.
55. Quazis and registrars to keep indexes of books and registers.
56. Custody of registers, &c, by Quazis and registrars.
57. Muslim assessor's oath.
58. Duty to send to District duplicates from marriage and divorce registers.
59. Fees chargeable by registrars
60. Appeals from Quazis' orders.
61. Appeals from the Registrar-General's or District Registrars' orders. [6,32 of 1969]
62. Appeals to court of Appeal .
63. Appeal not withstanding lapse of time
64. Recovery of sums due on claims, &c, under section 47 other than claims for mahr or kaikuli
65. Recovery of sums due on claims for mahr or kaikuli.
66. Procedure on failure to orders for maintenance.
67. Transfer of proceedings from one Quazi to another. [7,32 of 1969]
68. Registers and indexes to be open to inspection.
69. Records kept under earlier law to be open to inspection.
70. Registers and copies to be evidence.[ 7,41 of 1975]
71. Entry in the register of marriages or in the register of divorces to be best evidence.
72. Books, &c, to be supplied free [7,41 of 1975]
73. Members of the Board of Quazis, secretary to the Board of Quazis and Quazis deemed to be public servants.
74. Representation of parties and witnesses before Quazis.
75. Duty of police officers and grama seva niladharis to assist Quazis.
76. Damage of duplicate and original entries, and reconstruction of duplicate and original entries. [7,41 of 1975]
77. Correction of clerical errors in registers.
78. Forms.
79. Penalty for destruction of registers, &c
80. Penalty for incestuous marriage, &c
81. Penalty for offences relating to marriage divorce &c
82. Penalty for registering marriage in contravention of section 22, section 23 or section 24 (4).
83. Penalty for unauthorized registration of marriage, divorce, ;.
84. Penalty for Quazi's failure to pay money to person entitled.
85. Penalty for making false statement in declaration.
86. Penalty for breach of duty by registrars.
87. Penalty for registration of marriage contracted during iddat.
88. Penalty for failure to deliver registers & c to District Registrar.
89. Penalty for intermeddling with suitors.
90. Penalty for failure to discharge duty imposed by section 75.
91. Penalty for refusing to sign register or to provide necessary stamps.
92. General penalty.
93. Misconduct while the Board of Quazis or a Quazi is sitting.
94. Regulations.
95. Saving of actions in civil courts.
96. Construction of references to District Registrar.
97. Interpretation.
98. Saving of Muslim-law of marriage and divorce.
99. Savings.