Section No :  
Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Agricultural Produce Agents (Registration) Ordinance.
2. Prohibition against carrying on business as agricultural produce agent in specified areas without licence.
3. Restriction of purchases of produce by licensed agents, & c.
4. Destruction of produce.
5. Fees, charges,&c, of licensed agents.
6. All purchases of produce to be for definite.
7. Security to be furnished by licensed agents.
8. " Agricultural Produce Accounts "in banks.
9. Payments into agricultural produce accounts.
10. Money paid into agricultural produce account not to be available for satisfaction of other debts of agent.
11. Withdrawals from agricultural produce accounts.
12. Moneys received by licensed agents who have not been required to open agricultural produce accounts.
13. Rendering of account and payment of money to principal.
14. Fraudulent rendering of accounts.
15. Records, books, Ac-, to be kept by licensed agent.
16. Inspection of books registers, accounts, & c.
17. Preservation of bank pass books, records, registers, & c.
18. Power of Registrar to obtain returns, information, & c.
19. Penalty for breaches of the Ordinance or any regulation.
20. Court may order additional sum to be paid by offender against section 3(a).
21. Part of fine may be awarded by court to any person suffering loss or damage.
22. Court may order cancellation of licence.
23. Offence by company.
24. No licence to be issued to persons under twenty-one.
25. Validity of licences.
26. Applications for licences.
27. Issue of licences.
28. Refusal of licence and appeal therefrom.
29. Assistant Registrar to report issue of licence to Registrar.
30. Registers of licensed agents.
31. Cancellation of licences on order of court.
32. Cancellation of licences in other circumstances.
33. Duties of licensed agent in relation to principal place of business.
34. Service of notices.
35. Civil remedies not affected
36. Expansion of definition of " agricultural produce".
37. Appointment of Registrar, & c.
38. Regulations:
39. Interpretation.
40. Application of Ordinance to sale of produce by co-operative societies on behalf of members.