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Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Agrarian Development Act. No. 46 of 2000.
1A. "Persons deemed to tenant cultivators for the purposes of this Act.[ 2,46 of 2011]
1B. Procedure to be followed where possession of the extent of paddy land cannot be awarded to a person deemed to be a tenant cultivator.
1C. Where the lessee of an extent of paddy land shall not be deemed to be a tenant cultivator.
1D. Devolution of rights of tenant cultivators.
1E. Nomination of a successor by a tenant cultivator.
1F. Where there is no successor.
1G. Person not entitled to rights of a deceased or permanently disabled tenant cultivator in respect of any extent of paddy land not to use or occupy same.
1H. Commissioner- General to determine disputes regarding devolution of rights of tenant cultivators.
2. Paddy lands cultivated by a tenant cultivator to be offered for sale to tenant cultivators. [ 3,46 of 2011]
3. Transfer and cession of rights of tenant cultivator.
4. Exemption of paddy lands owned by temple from tenant cultivators rights, [ 4,46 of 2011]
5. Order determining the maximum extent of paddy land.
6. [ 5,46 of 2011]
7. Right of tenant cultivators ; provision in regard to certain evicted tenants of paddy lands ; and restriction of eviction of tenants of paddy lands. [ 6,46 of 2011]
8. Procedure for eviction.
9. Rent to be determined by the Commissioner -general.
10. Consequence of failure by tenant cultivator to pay rent.
11. when rent is not payable.
12. Time and place for paying rent and when rent commence to be in arrears.
13. Tenant cultivator to inform landlord of the dates of harvesting and removal of paddy.
14. To whom the rent is payable.
15. Provision applicable when; rent is paid through the Agrarian Development Council to the landlord or to his authorized agent.
16. Receipts to be given for payment of rent.
17. Insert to be in paid on rent in arrears.
18. Recovery of rent and interest in arrears.
19. Fixing of compensation to be paid to the tenant cultivator.[ 7,46 of 2011]
20. [ 8,46 of 2011]
21. Particulars of land to be submitted by landlord and the tenant cultivator.
22. Duties of owner cultivator or occupiers relating to the cultivation and management of agricultural land,
23. issuing supervision orders.
24. Compensation to be paid in respect of agriculture land which is not properly cultivated.
25. Appointment of Supervision Committees.
26. Issuing of order of dispassion.
27. Cultivation of land subject to a dispute.
28. The commissioner may decide that certain land is a paddy land.
29. Identification of paddy lands which can be cultivated with paddy and other crops.
30. Every paddy land which can be cultivated with paddy shall be utilized for the cultivation of paddy.
31. The Commissioner-General and the officers to have the power to inspect agriculture land to find out the purpose for which such land is used.
32. Using a paddy land for a purpose other than an agricultural cultivation without the permission of the Commissioner- General to be punishable.
33. Filling up of paddy land or utilising paddy land for any purpose other than cultivation. [ 16,46 of 2011]
34. Paddy lands should not be used for purpose of other than agriculture cultivation.
35. Rent to be paid in respect of other agricultural crops.
36. Permission given to obtain mineral resources in paddy land.
37. Establishment of the Land Bank .
38. Appointment of Commissioner- General. Additional Commissioner- General Deputy Commissioners Assistant Commissioners and Divisional
39. Establishment of Agrarian Tribunals. [ 9,46 of 2011]
40. [ 10,46 of 2011]
41. When the decision of an Agrarian Tribunal shall be executed.[ 11,46 of 2011]
42. Right of Appeal [ 12,46 of 2011] [ 13,46 of 2011]
42A. Boards of Review.
42B. When the decision of a Board of Review shall be executed.
43. Establishment of Farmers Organisations.
44. General may examine accounts of Farmers' .
45. Farmers" Organisations to have the power to obtain loan facilities.
46. Small groups or farmers.
47. Farmers' Organisation to appoint a member to the Agrarian Development Council.
48. Farmers' Organisation to assist the Agrarian Development Council.
49. Fanners' Organisations to submit information of owner cultivators and occupiers to Agrarian Development Councils.
50. Cancellation of Registration.
51. Establishment of Agrarian Development Councils.
52. Function of Agrarian Development Councils.
53. Registers of Agricultural lands. [ 14,46 of 2011]
54. Agriculturalists to give information to Agrarian Development Council.
55. Survey of agriculture land.
56. Recovery of acreage tax.
57. Loans given by Farmers Organisations and by Agrarian Development Councils to be recoverable.
58. Audit and accounts.
59. Auditor of Accounts of Agrarian Development Council .
60. Establishment the Farmer Organisation District Federation.
61. The powers and functions of Farmers' Organisations District Federation.
62. Membership fees &c.
63. Maintaining of accounts of a Farmers' Organisation District Federation.
64. Establishment of Farmers' Organisation Provincial Federations.
65. Establishment of Sri Lanka National Farmers-Organisation Federation.
66. Sri Lanka National Farmers Organisations Federation may obtain membership fees &c.
67. The powers and function of Sri-Lanka National Farmers' Organisations Federation,
68. Provisions for the maintenance of an of examination accounts of the Sri Lanka National Farmers' Organisation Federations.
69. Organisation, Agrarian Development Council. Fanners' Organisation District Federations Farmers' Organisation Provincial Federations the Sri Lanka National Farmers' Organisation Federations exempt from stamp duty and fees.
70. Farmers Organisations Agrarian Development Councils. Farmers' Organisation District Federation, Farmers' Organisation Provincial Federation and Sri Lanka National Farmers Organisation Federation exempted from the Inland Revenue Act.
71. Application of Bribery Act.
72. Officers' and Servants of Farmers' Organisations Agrarian Development Council. Farmers Organisation District Federation, Farmers' Organisation Provincial Federation, and Sri Lanka National Farmers Organisation Federation to be deemed to be public officers.
73. No suit to lie against member or servant of Fanners' Organisations, Agrarian Development Councils, Fanners' Organisation District Federation Farmers' Organisations Provincial Federations or the Sri Lanka National Farmers' Organisation Federation.
74. The powers and functions of Agricultural Research and Production Assistants,
75. Agrarian Development Council to issue identity cards.
76. Commissioner- General may call for information.
77. Power of the Commissioner.
78. Commissioner- subject to the general direction of the Minister,
79. Persons authorised to prosecute.
80. Commissioner-General to have powers of a District Court.
81. Supervision and administration of irrigation work to be under the Farmers' Organisation.
82. Farmers Organization to be informed of any construction projects &c.
83. interference with the protection of irrigation work.
84. Allowing the flow of waste matter to paddy lands or watercourses.
85. offence relating to dumping of waste matter into paddy lands and watercourses.
86. Meetings of the Owner cultivators and occupiers.
87. Action to be taken when it is contrary to any custom or rule relating to the field agriculture.
88. Agrarian Development Council to make advances.
89. Procedure to be followed in digging wells for cultivation.
90. Interference with cultivation rights of owner cultivation or occupier.
91. Right of owners of agricultural land not exceeding half an acre.
92. Action to be taken regarding stray animals.
93. Remuneration to employees.
94. Compulsory acquisition of agricultural land.
95. Regulations,
96. Penalty.
97. Agrarian Development Fund.
98. This Act to prevail over other written Law.
99. Repeal of Act No. 58 of 1979.
100. Sinhala text to Prevail in case of inconsistancy.
101. Interpretation, [ 15,46 of 2011]