Section No :  
Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. Whereas it is His Majesty's gracious command that for the present and during His Majesty's will and pleasure the temporary administration of justice and police in the settlements of the Island of (The reference to "Ceylon" has been retained in this Act, due to the historical significance of the Act.)Ceylon, now in His Majesty's dominion, and in the territories and dependencies thereof, should, as nearly as circumstances will permit, be exercised by us in conformity to the laws and institutions that subsisted under the ancient government of the United Provinces, subject to such deviations in consequence of sudden and unforeseen emergencies, or to such expedients and useful alterations as may render a departure therefrom either absolutely necessary and unavoidable or evidently beneficial and desirable.
2. The institutions which subsisted under the late Dutch Government to continue in force, subject to such alterations, & c.
3. Torture and barbarous modes of punishment.
4. Practice of torture and barbarous modes of punishment abolished. Offenders to be hanged.
5. The practice of procuring confession by torture abolished.
6. Liberty of conscience and the free exercise of religious worship allowed.