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Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Jaffna Matrimonial Rights and Inheritance Ordinance.
2. Application of [ 2,58 of 1947]
3. Applicability of Tesawalamai to married women.
4. Matrimonial rights of spouses married before the Ordinance.
5. Matrimonial rights of those married after the Ordinance to be governed by the Ordinance.
6. Property of a wife acquired during or before marriage to remain her separate property. [3, 58 of 1947]
7. Property of husband acquired before or after-marriage to be his separate property. [4,58 of 1947]
8. Power to District Court to supply consent in certain cases.
9. Power of husband or wife to make gifts to each other.
10. Power of District Court to settle dispute between and husband wife.
11. Power to husband or wife to effect policy of insurance upon his or her life.
12. Effect of life insurance by husband in favour of wife or children.
13. Husband's liability not affected thereby.
14. Applicability of sections of this part of the Ordinance
15. Mudusam or property devolving on death of ancestor.
16. Urumai or property devolving on death of relative.
17. Property derived from the father's side.
18. Property derived from the mother's side.
19. Meaning of the diathed -dam. [5, 58 of 1947]
20. Devolution of the diatheddam. [6, 58 of 1947]
21. Inheritance generally.
22. Rights of children, grand -children, and remoter descendants.
23. Heir in default of children.
24. Mother's right where children fail.
25. Rights of brothers and sisters where father has pre-deceased intestate.
26. Rights where mother has predeceased intestate.
27. Rights of paternal grandparents, paternal uncles and aunts, and great-grandparents.
28. Rights of maternal grandparents, maternal uncles and aunts, and maternal great-grandparents.
29. How estate is divided where those who inherit are equally near in degree to intestate.
30. How property is divided on failure of kindred on the side of either parent.
31. When whole inheritance goes to the surviving spouse.
32. When estate escheats to the State.
33. Collation of property by children or grand -children.
34. Rights of illegitimate children.
35. Devolution of property of illegitimate children.
36. Cases not provided for by this Ordinance.
37. Interest of surviving spouse in estate devolving on minor child.
38. Liability of surviving spouse to maintain minor child.
39. Interpretation.
40. Repeal.