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Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be eked as the Maintenance Ordinance.
2. Order for maintenance of wife or of legitimate or illegitimate child. [2,19 of 1972]
3. Where wife refuses to live with her husband.
4. Where wife is living in adultery or apart from her husband without sufficient reason or by mutual consent.
5. Circumstances under warranting cancellation of that order under section 2.
6. Period within which application for maintenance of illegitimate child should be made. Evidence of mother to be corroborated.
7. Time of cessation of order. [ 3,19 of 1972]
8. Enforcement of orders of maintenance. [4,19 of 1972]
8A. Attachment of salary of defendant. [5,19 of 1972]
8B. Payment of maintenance through post office, bank or divisional Assistant Government Agent. [ 5, 19 of 1972]
9. Order as to costs, and enforcement thereof.
10. Application for cancellation of order or alteration in amount of allowance. [ 6,19 of 1972]
11. Copy of order given to party. Where order enforceable. [7,19 of 1972]
12. Procedure.Attendance of parties at inquiry.
13. inquiry how applied for. Applications process to be free of stamp duty.[ 8, 19 of 1972]
14. Commencement of inquiry.[ 9,19 of 1972]
15. Attendance of defendant and witness how enforced.
16. Form of proceedings.
17. Right of appeal
18. Forms,
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