Section No :  
Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Minimum Wages (Indian Labour) Ordinance.
2. Construction.
3. Work other than time work.
4. Child labour.[ 2,25 of 2000]
5. Appointment of Estate Wages Board.
6. Extent of jurisdiction of Estate Wages Board.
7. Expenses of members.
8. Estate Wages Board to fix minimum rates of wages.
9. Powers of the Board of Indian Immigrant Labour over minimum rates.
10. Approval of rates by Minister and publication in Gazette.
11. Liability to issue monthly allowance of rice.
12. Penalty for failure to pay minimum rates.
13. Inspection of Records.
14. Sanction of Commissioner to prosecutions.
15. Meaning of " Commissioner " in sections 13 and 14.
16. General penalty.
17. Translations in Tamil of certain Ordinances to be exhibited on estate.
18. Interpretation.