Section No :  
Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Agricultural Products (Regulation) Ordinance.
2. Appointment of Commissioner and other officers.
3. The Agricultural Products Regulation Board.
4. Functions of the board.
5. Application of Ordinance to specified agricultural products by Order of the Minister.
6. Notification of standard grade, price, & c.
7. Importation of regulated product in respect of which the standard ratio is prescribed prohibited except under licence. [ 2,7 of 1964]
8. Application for import licence. [3,7 of 1964]
9. Payment for prescribed quantity of local product a condition precedent to issue of import licence. [ 4, 7 of 1964]
10. Coupon for proportionate quantity of local product paid for by importer.
11. Coupons to be exchanged for delivery warrants.[ 2, 5 of 1942]
12. Commissioner authorized to issue multiple delivery warrant and to vary standard place of delivery, standard grade, & c.
13. Cancellation of coupon and refund of price paid under section 9 in certain cases. [ 3, 5 of 1942]
14. Regulations.
15. Authority of other officers to act for Commissioner in specified cases.
16. Interpretation.
17. Construction of ordinance.