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Acts & Ordinances
Act No Act Title Sinhala Tamil
74 Al haj s. m. m. hussain charitable trust (incorporation)
46 Al-haj abdul jawad alim valiyullah trust (incorporation)
44 Ambuluwawa dissanayake mudiyanselage jayaratne religious centre and bio-diversity complex trust fund
10 Animals (amendment)
69 Appropriation (amendment)
34 Bibliomania educational books for the nation foundation (incorporation) -
27 Board of directors of the mahaweli cultural foundation trust (incorporation)
36 Board of investment of sri lanka (amendment) -
42 Board of trustees of the sihala sarana pin ketaya (incorporation)
67 Cancer research foundation of sri lanka (incorporation)
35 Chief of defence staff
17 Debits tax (amendment)
41 Department of coast guard
16 Economic service charge (amendment)
55 Employees provident fund (special provisions) (amendment)
14 Excise (special provisions) (amendment)
22 Fauna and flora protection (amendment)
13 Finance (amendment)
18 Finance (amendment)
65 Forest (amendment)
4 Foundation for civilian bravery (incorporation)
70 Foundation of rural workers and allied rural resources development (incorporation)
31 Free nursery and welfare complex (incorporation) -
26 Gamage arthur perera foundation (incorporation) -
68 Gramodaya mandala fund (amendment)
6 Grant of citizenship to persons of indian origin (amendment)
5 Grant of citizenship to stateless persons (special provisions) (amendment)
77 Grassroots foundation (incorporation)
19 Inland revenue (amendment)
23 Institute of certified management accountants of sri lanka
73 Institute Of Project Managers Sri Lanka (Incorporation)
21 Jagaddala Social Welfare Institute (Incorporation)
59 Jama'ath ansaris sunnathil mohammadiyya of sri lanka (incorporation)
61 Karuna samadhi organization (incorporation)
39 Kosala dullewa foundation for children with special needs (incorporation) -
60 Kottawa sri punyabiwardanaarama viharasthana performance society (incorporation)
45 Lasantha alagiyawanna foundation (incorporation)
30 Local authorities (special provisions) (amendment)
2 Madampe thaniwella maha devale trust (incorporations)
75 Mahindananda aluthgamage foundation (incorporation)
66 Mines and minerals (amendment)
8 Motor traffic (amendment)
9 Nation building tax
32 Nation building tax (amendment)
38 National institute of occupational safety and health
51 Overseas muslim educational trust of sri lanka (incorporation)
24 Pahiyangala conservation and development foundation (incorporation)
58 Parliamentary elections (amendment)
71 Premadasa hegoda foundation (incorporation)
7 Ranaviru seva authority
11 Ranga art institute (incorporation)
3 Retired senior police officers association (incorporation)
43 Rev. moonamale dhammarathana memorial foundation (incorporation)
37 Road development authority (amendment)
64 Samaja sahana padanama (incorporation)
53 Sammanthurai thableekul islam arabic college (incorporation)
76 Samoda foundation (incorporation)
49 Secured transactions
47 Securities and exchange commission of sri lanka (amendment)
54 Serendib educational foundation (incorporation)
48 Social service foundation of wickramashila dharmayathenaya in bandaragama (incorporation)
40 Society of structural engineers of sri lanka (incorporation)
62 Sri kalyanodaya society - kandy (incorporation)
56 Sri lanka bureau of foreign employment (amendment)
20 Sri lanka electricity - -
33 Sri lanka institute of landscape architects
52 Sri lanka society for the prevention of cruelty to animals (incorporation)
63 Thaliyawaka ananda bodhi cultural foundation (incorporation)
50 The future world organization (incorporation) -
12 The sri lanka institute of textile and apparel
1 The world fellowship of buddhists sri lanka centre (incorporation)
57 Universities (amendment)
15 Value added tax (amendment)
28 Widowers and orphans pension scheme (armed forces) (amendment)
29 Widows and orphans pension scheme (armed forces) (amendment) -
25 Young mens buddhist association, kolonnawa (incorporation)
72 Zam trust (incorporation)
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