Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Passport (Regulation) and Exit Permit Act.
2. This Act to prevail over other written law.
3. Discretion of competent authority to issue passports and emergency certificates.
4. Cancellation, suspension restriction of validity of emergency certificate.
5. Period of validity of passports and emergency certificates.[2, 1 of 1980]
6. Issue of diplomatic passports and their period of validity.
7. Countries which may be visited on passports and emergency certificates.
8. Restriction on number of journeys.
9. Fees for the issue and renewal of passports, diplomatic passports and emergency certificates. [3, 1 of 1980.]
10. Exit permits.
11. Prohibition of the sale or issue of tickets for travel out of Sri Lanka, without exit permits.
12. Issue of exit permits to persons seeking employment abroad.
13. Restriction of passport where exit permit is issued.
14. Agreement to remit foreign exchange to Sri Lanka by persons leaving Sri Lanka.
15. Terms applicable to passports and emergency certificates of citizens of Sri Lanka in foreign countries.
16. Power of the Minister to issue directions.
17. Refusal or cancellation of passport, emergency certificate,& c.
18. Offences.
19. Prosecutions.
20. Compounding of offences.
21. Regulations.
22. Interpretation.