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1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Lands Resumption Ordinance.
2. Government Agent to publish notice calling upon owners of abandoned lands to prefer their claims.
3. When no claim is made Government Agent to report and the Minister to make order of resumption by the State
4. Procedure when claim is made.
5. If the Land Commissioner be satisfied that the claim has been established, further proceedings shall cease. If claim be doubtful, reference to District Court. Appeal.
6. Procedure on decision by District Court or Court of Appeal. Proceedings to cease or order of resumption to be made.
7. Resumption to be notified in Gazette. Notification proof of resumption.
8. District Court to issue writ of possession in favour of the State upon production of notification of resumption.
9. Resumed land to be appraised.
10. Appraised value payable to owner within thirty years.
11. Power of District Judge at Investigations of claims. False evidence
12. Power of Government Agent at inquiries into claims.
13. Form of claim under this Ordinance. Claimant to name place for service of notices.
14. Penalties. False statement.
15. Resisting or obstructing officers.
16. Defect in proceedings not to affect title of the State.
17. Interpretation.