Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Land Acquisition Act.
2. Investigations for selecting land for public purpose.
3. Compensation for damage done during investigations carried out on any land.
4. Notice of, and objections to, intended acquisition.
4A. Special provision to nullify disposal of, and to prevent damage to, land in respect of which a notice has been issued or exhibited under section 2 or section 4. [3,28 of 1964.]
5. Declaration that a land or a servitude is required for a public purpose.
6. Survey and plan of land.
7. Notice to persons interested.
8. Power to require and enforce the making of statements as to persons interested. [ 4, 28 of 1964.]
9. Inquiry into claims for compensation.
10. Reference of claims and court disputes for determination.
11. Form of reference to court.
12. Proceedings in court on reference.
13. Costs of proceedings in court on reference.
14. Appeal against decision of court.
15. Non-appearance of persons interested in land.
16. Claims made out of time.
17. Award of acquiring officer.
18. Acquiring officer may supply failures or omissions in the course of acquisition proceedings.
19. Constitution of the board of review. [ 6, 28 of 1964.]
20. Remuneration of members.
21. Meetings of the board.
22. Right of appeal to the board.
23. Time-limit for appeals to the board.
23A. Appellant to furnish lists of witnesses and documents. [ 9, 28 of 1964.]
24. Proceedings before the board.
25. Decision of the board.
26. Costs of proceedings before the board.
27. Finality of decision of the board.
28. Appeal on question of law to the Court of Appeal.
29. Tender and payment of compensation
30. Deduction of costs from amount of compensation.
31. Compensation for land subject to a mortgage.
32. Payment of compensation due to a minor or a person of unsound mind,
33. Compensation which cannot be paid to person to whom it is payable or who may be entitled thereto. [ 12, 28 of 1964.]
34. Renunciation of right to compensation.
35. Interest on compensation
36. Exchange.
37. Finality as to payment of compensation.
38. Order for taking possession of a land, or subjecting a land to a servitude.
38A. Immediate possession of certain lands acquired for the purposes of local authorities. [ 32,48 of 1971.]
39. Revocation of vesting orders.
39A. Divesting of lands where actual possession has been taken.
40. Effect of Order under section 38.
40A. Order under section 38 to be conclusive evidence of certain facts. [ 14, 28 of 1964.]
41. Provisions for application of act where order under proviso to section 38 is made.
42. Possession.
43. Access to unacquired portion of land.
44. Vesting of land in local authority or other body. [ 15, 28 of 1964.]
45. Market value
46. Assessment of compensation.
46A. Improvements made by State to be ignored in determining compensation for acquisition of land. [ 16, 28 of 1964.]
47. Deduction.
48. Matters to be ignored.
49. Compulsory acquisitions authorized by any other written law.
49A. Acquisition of land for the purposes of a public corporation. [17, 28 of 1964.]
50. Abandonment of acquisition proceedings.
51. Order, direction or declaration of Minister.
51A. Certain actions under this Act before any court to be given priority. [ 2, 20 of 1969.]
52. Notices.
53. informality or irregularity.
54. Limitation of doctrine of res adjudicate-
55. Powers of Chief Valuer and his agents.
56. Registered valuers.
57. Rights of persons lawfully entitled to land acquired under this Act.
58. Wanton damage to land during investigation.
59. Omission to give information or giving false information.
60. Non-compliance with summons.
61. False evidence.
62. Temple Lands Compensation Ordinance not to be affected by this Act.
63. Regulations.
64. Certain matters pending under Land Acquisition Ordinance, 1876,to be referred to board of review.
65. interpretation.