Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Land Settlement Ordinance.
2. Interpretation.
3. Appointment of Settlement Officer and Assistant Settlement Officers and powers of Government Agents to apply the Ordinance.
4. Settlement officer may by notice call for claims Publication and form of notice.
5. Powers and duties of Settlement Officer claim is or is not made.
6. Offers by way thereof of compromise.
7. Agreements under section 5 (4) (c) may be made at any time prior to publication of settlement order.
8. Settlement orders when published to be proof of title, ;c.
9. Registration of settlements.
10. Lands declared under section 5 (4) (c) to be communal chena reserves not to be otherwise used without the consent of the inhabitants of the village.
11. Establishment, constitution, ;c, of board for considering and deciding applications under section 6 (4).
12. Reference to District Judge or Judge of Primary Court.
13. Reference of two or more claims and limitation at hearing of reference to matters referred.
14. Notice to claimant to furnish statement of claim.
15. Procedure when no statement of claim furnished.
16. Parties may appear by attorney-at-law.
17. Proceedings on reference to be regulated by procedure Code.
18. Reference cases to have precedence.
19. Procedure when statement of claim furnished.
20. Procedure on hearing.
21. The District Judge may order a fresh survey.
22. Appeals.
23. Equation of decrees of court with settlements.
24. Claims before the District Judge within one year from publication of settlement order in respect of lands, ;c, declared to be the property of the State.
25. Appointment of curator or manager for purposes of claim.
26. Award of compensation by the Minister.
27. Persons engaged in carrying out order of Settlement Officer, Ac, to be public servants.
28. Settlement Officer and board to have powers of commission under the Commissions of Inquiry Act.
29. Verification of service of process.
30. Proceedings under the Ordinance not invalidated by change of Settlement Officers.
31. Protection of Settlement Officer.
32. Order in respect of proceedings under Waste Lands Ordinance pending at the date of commencement of this Ordinance to be made in form No. 2 in First Schedule.