Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Kandy Church Ordinance.
2. Governor empowered to issue 1,500 towards building the church.
3. Three trustees be elected by subscribers and three nominated by Government.
4. Committee of management to papers &c to trustees.
5. Trustees to be elected annually.
6. Clergyman to be ex officio chairman of trustees.
7. Vacancies occasioned by death, resignation, or removal of trustees, how to be filled.
8. Sittings in church, how to be appropriated.
9. Remaining sittings to be set part to the use of all worshippers.
10. Subscribers of Rs.50 to have property of choice of sittings.
11. Party having engaged a sitting not to be disturbed.
12. Trustees authorized to permit the erection of monuments and digging of vaults with the previous consent of the Bishop of the diocese.
13. Bodies not to be burned within or near the church.
14. Trustees to collect all dues to the church, and to appropriate them in payment of salaries, repairs, &c.
15. Power to trustees to acquire property and maintain parsonage, schools, and missions, &c, out of income and collections.
16. Actions to be brought by and against trustees.
17. Auditors to be elected annually.
18. Trustees to keep annual accounts, and to submit them, with auditors' report, at a general meeting every year.
19. Trustees to call a general meeting upon receiving a requisition signed by twenty subscribers or renters of sittings.
20. who may vote at general meetings-
21. No person to read prayers or preach except clergyman or person officiating for him.
22. Powers, &c, Governor to be exercisable president.