Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Post and Telegraph Benefit Association Ordinance.
2. Post,&c Telegraph Benefit Association incorporated.
3. General objects.
4. Committee of management.
5. Powers of committee.
6. Vacancies how filled-
7. Membership.
8. Register of members.
9. Books of account.
10. Remuneration to member or members of committee and auditor.
11. Rules.
12. General meetings.
13. Annual general meeting,
14. Who shall preside at general meetings.
15. Quorum for general meetings.
16. Voting.
17. Time limited for reconsideration of decision of general meetings.
18. Mode in which rule or order once made may be subsequently altered, added to, amended, or cancelled.
19. Rules to bind members-
20. Security from officers, agents, and servants.
21. Debts due by and payable to association.
22. Funds of the corporation, how to be kept and invested.
23. Funds of the corporation, how operated on.
24. Powers of committee relating to certain officers.
25. Seal of corporation how affixed.
26. Corporation may hold property movable or immovable.
27. Corporation may demise lands on lease.
28. Corporation may not sell, exchange or mortgage lands without leave of court .
29. Doubt or ambiguity how decided.
30. Saving of the rights of the Republic, others.