Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Lady Lochore Loan Fund (Board of Trustees) Act.
2. Establishment of Board of Trustees of the Lady Lochore Loan Fund.
3. Tern of office of members.
4. Vacation of office by members.
5. President of the board.
6. Incorporation of the board.
7. Seal of the board.
8. Transfer of assets and liabilities of the fund to the board.
9. Duties and powers of the board.
10. Delegation of Powers and duties of the board.
11. Managing trustee.
12. Officers and servants.
13. Delegation of powers and duties of trustee to managing officers of the board.
14. Payments to the Fund.
15. Purposes to which the fund may be applied.
16. Grants and loans to the board subject to conditions.
17. Accounts of the fund.
18. Bank accounts of the board
19. Matters not invalidating acts of the board.
20. Rules.
21. Saving of the rights of the Republic and others.
22. interpretation.