Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Thoroughfares Ordinance.
2. Application of Ordinance
3. Language of notices, and how served.
4. Appointment and powers,& c, of officers and servants. [ 3, Law 37 of 1973.]
5. Minister to declare principal thoroughfares
6. Minister may order road to be stopped up or diverted, and substitute shorter or more commodious course, and order road to be widened and enlarged. Mode of ascertaining compensation to be given to owner of land taken for any such purpose
7. Contracts and agreements.
8. Management of works on roads and other powers to be veiled in Director. [ 4, Law 37 of 1973.]
9. Proper officers empowered to enter upon lands repair. c, of thoroughfares.
10. Officer may enter any land with workmen, &c, and take materials.
11. Officer may erect temporary building on any land; and keep cattle, &c
12. Officer may throw rubbish upon any land.
13. Officer may make temporary road.
14. Officer may cut trees.
15. officer may put up fences.
16. Officer may make and keep open ditches, c,. and lay trunks, &c
17. Officer may lay stones, c, on road.
18. Compensation for injury to authorized officers. Reference to arbitration
19. Vexatious conduct of officer.
20. Superintending or Executive Engineer may in certain cases demand production of title deeds; and make survey of premises.
21. Demand of production of deed to include power of examination.
22. Notice of to intended building along a thoroughfare
23. Where the erecting of temporary fences and enclosures is allowed.
24. Building limits along roads.
25. Modification of building
26. Powers of Executive Engineer upon contravention of section 24.
27. Compensation in respect of land developed by building
28. Valuation of buildings, &c, within building limit
29. Acquisition of adjacent land for owner of land affected by building limit.
30. Application of sections 24 to 29.
31. Proof of right to apparent encroachment to rest upon the owner.
32. Survey by proper officer to be conclusive evidence.
33. Removal of obstructions or encroachments.
34. The law of prescription not to apply to roads.
35. Offences.
36. Using new road for certain time after making.
37. Owner or occupant bound to have bridge,& c, over drain leading to his house.
38. Offences.
39. Police officers and grama seva "niladharis to enforce provisions of Ordinance.
40. Interpretation.