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1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This may be cited as the Act Electricity.
2. Electrical energy to be supplied under licence.
3. Licences.
4. Provisions which may be included in a licence.
5. Rights that may be conferred by licence.
6. Power to revoke licence.
7. Power to impose further terms and conditions in lieu of revoking license.
8. Power to extend, curtail or modify the authorized area.
9. Recommendations as to revocation of licence, &c.
10. Authorization of supply outside the authorized areas.
11. Permit for temporary supply of electrical energy. [17, 17 of 1969.]
12. Time-limit &c., for execution of work by licensee.
13. Specifications and plans for approval of the chief electrical inspector.
14. Acquisition of land by Government for licensee.
15. Power of licensee to enter on land for purpose of installing lines or works. [ 17, 17 of 1969.]
16. Power of licensee to enter on land and carry out works of repair and maintenance and operations for ensuring safety of the public. [ 17, 17 of 1969.]
17. Assessment of compensation.
18. Power to order removal of line, posts or apparatus already laid or erected on any land.
19. Notice to be served on road authority before breaking up streets or opening drains, &c.
20. Conditions as to superintendence of breaking up of streets.
21. Streets, sewers, drains or tunnels broken up or opened to be reinstated without delay.
22. Laying of electric lines, &c., near sewers, pipes or other electric lines or works.
23. Protection of telegraph line.
24. Protection of railway telegraphs.
25. Alteration of pipes or wires.
26. Settlement of disputes.
27. Temporary aerial lines.
28. Prohibition of connection with earth.
29. Power of Chief Inspector to interfere in certain cases of default.
30. Supply of energy to be in accordance with Act &c.
31. Map of area of supply to be made.
32. Conditions under which supply may be declined.
33. Supply for private purposes. [ 17, 17 of 1969.]
34. Equality of treatment.
35. Methods of charging.
36. Maximum prices.
37. Agreement as to charges.
38. Supply of energy to public lamps.
39. Prices for supply to public lamps.
40. Point where supply is delivered.
41. Meters.
42. Meter testing instruments.
43. Maximum power.
44. Licensee not to prescribe special form of lamp or appliance.
45. Right of license to discontinue to supply.
46. Power of licensee to make regulations.
47. Power of licensee to enter premises.
48. Security for payment.
49. Discontinuance of supply to consumer neglecting to pay charges.
50. Payments in arrears.
51. Recovery of sums due to licensee.
52. Variations in pressure. &c., to be made only in accordance with regulations.
53. Chief Electrical Inspector,[ 17, 17 of 1969.]
54. Appointment of inspectors and duties of inspectors.
55. Notice of accidents.
56. Licensee to give facilities for testing and instruments.
57. Representation of licensee at testings.
58. Right of appeal against inspector's report.
59. Public servants.[ 17, 17 of 1969.']*
60. Power to make regulations.
61. Concurrence of Minister in charge of subject of Local Government necessary in certain cases.
62. Supplying energy without license
63. Penalty for illegal or defective supply or for non-compliance with order.
64. Penalty for failure to supply energy
65. Theft of, or maliciously wasting energy.
66. Unlawfully and maliciously injuring electric lines or works.
67. Penalty for interference with meters or licensee's works and for improper use of energy. [ 17, 17 of 1969.]
68. Extinguishing public lamps.
69. General penalty.
70. Jurisdiction,
71. Prosecutions against license.
72. Offences by corporations.
73. Special provisions as to punishment in certain cases.
74. Alternative punishments for offences local authorities.
75. Savings for legal remedies.
76. Exemption of electric lines apparatus from attachment in certain cases
77. Annual accounts of licensees who are not local authorities.
78. Arbitration.
79. Protection for done in good faith.
80. Service of notices, orders or documents
81. Board to have powers of a licensee [ 17, 17 of 1969.]
82. Interpretation.