Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Poisons, Opium, and Dangerous Drugs Ordinance.*("Until the coming into force of the Code this Ordinance shall have effect subject to the modifications specified in the Schedule to the Ayurveda Act-See section 86 of that Act.)
2. Interpretation.
3. Calculation of percentages.
4. Meaning of poison.
5. Restrictions on sale and dispensing of poisons.
6. Pharmacists.
7. Medical practitioners and dentist.
8. Veterinary surgeons.
9. Poisons for use in agriculture,& c
10. Wholesale druggists.
11. Estate hospitals.
12. Vederalas.
13. Sale to persons under twelve years of age
14. Duties with regard to prescriptions
15. Excessive doses.
16. Standard of strength, & c. of drugs.
17. Sale to unknown persons.
18. Sale of poisons in Pan III of the First Schedule.
19. Vendor to enter particulars of sale of poisons in a book.
20. Labeling poisons for sale.
21. Labeling of poisonous substances for sale
22. Storage of poisons.
23. Arsenic.
24. Regulations for the purposes of this Chapter.
25. Analysis of samples.
26. Definitions- poppy plant coca plant, and hemp plant.
27. Prohibition against cultivation of poppy,& c.
28. Prohibition against import and export of poppy,& c.
29. Prohibition against import possession &c. , of resin bhang, hashish, and ganja.
30. Exception in favour of preparations and cordage.
31. Definitions of raw opium " prepared opium ", and " registered consumer ".
32. Restriction on import and export of raw or prepared opium.
33. Restriction on possession of raw opium and opium dross.
34. Restriction on supply of raw supply or prepared opium
35. Distribution of raw or prepared opium among registered Consumers, & c.
36. Restriction on consumption raw or prepared opium.
37. Prohibition against opium divans.
38. Special directions as to quantity and reduction of allowance.
39. Quantity permitted.
40. Cancellation of registration.
41. Consumer to surrender certificate on cancellation.
42. Registration of vederalas
43. Supply to vederalas.
44. Proof of registers.
45. Regulations for giving effect to this Chapter.
47. Savings for raw opium transit.
48. Definitions.
49. Restrictions on importation of dangerous drugs.
50. Restrictions on exportation of dangerous drugs.
51. Restrictions on wholesale trade of dangerous drugs.
52. Restriction on possession and consumption,
53. Prohibition against manufacture.
54. Restriction on sale and supply.
55. Supply to medical practitioners and others.
56. Supply by medical practitioners, dentists, and veterinary surgeons.
57. Supply by pharmacists.
58. Power to withdraw authorization.
59. Prescriptions.
60. Marking of containers.
61. Duties of person supplying dangerous drugs.
62. Records to be preserved for two years.
63. Delivery to messengers.
64. Disposal of dangerous drugs on death.
65. Hypodermic syringes -
66. Supply to hospital, laboratories, and apothecaries.
67. Application of this Chapter to certain specified drugs
68. Regulations.
69. Definition of " restricted articles ".
70. Restriction on transit and transhipment
71. Restriction on treatment and repacking in bonded warehouse.
72. Seizure and forfeiture
73. Application of Customs Ordinance.
74. Prohibition against false other person-
75. Refusal and cancellation of licences, amp c and imposition of fees.
76. Powers of inspection.
77. Search warrants.
78. General penalty.
79. Forfeiture.
80. Regulations
81. Protection of public officers.