Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Lepers Ordinance.
2. Minister may appoint leprosy hospitals.
3. Provision as to existing leper hospital or asylum at Hendala.
4. Lepers may build separate dwellings for their own use within the limits of the leprosy hospital.
5. Duty of persons to give information of existence of lepers.
6. Penalty.
7. Inquiry into cases of leprosy.
8. Power to order lepers to be removed to and detained in hospital.
9. Lepers able to provide effective isolation and medical treatment not removable to hospital. Minister may prescribe rules for observance by them.
10. Lepers not to leave hospital without permission. Penalty.
11. No person to enter leprosy hospital without permission, Penalty.
12. Director of Health Services and medical officer in charge of any leprosy hospital to exercise powers of Magistrate in hospital.
13. Regulations to be made by Minister.
14. Right of leper to administration of property or proceeds thereof under supervision of court.
15. Mode of application.
16. Procedure upon receipt of application.
17. Appointment of manager.
18. Court may require further nomination.
19. Power of court to decline to appoint the manager and to suggest sale of property.
20. Power of manager.
21. Manager to deliver inventory and valuation.
22. Manager to furnish annual account.
23. Leper or relative may impugn inventory or account.
24. Manager may be sued for an account.
25. Court may punish disobedient manager.
26. Court may remove manager.
27. Manager may apply property for support of relatives or dependants of leper.
28. Payment of manager.
29. Court may require security.
30. Determination of questions arising in the administration.
31. Sale of leper's Property by order of court.
32. Application of proceeds of sale.
33. Power of leper to apply to court.
34. Communication from leper to court.
35. General powers of court.
36. Appeals.
37. Exemption from stamp.