Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Law may be cited as the Licensing of Clubs Law.
2. Prohibition of maintenance of unlicensed clubs.
3. Form and duration of licence.
4. Fees payable for license.
5. Exemption from licence fee.
6. Chairman's duties on receipt of application.
7. Report of Superintendent of Police. [ 4, 14 of 1980]
8. Copy of statement of objections to be served on the applicant
9. Chairman to make order.
10. Appeal against order of Chairman.
11. Effect not to be given to order in certain circumstances.
12. Statement of grounds of appeal.
13. Minister's decision to be final.
14. Right of persons to form a club.
15. Cancellation and revocation of licences.
16. Standards applicable to premises.
17. Rules of a club to be sent to the Chairman within a specified period.
18. Cancellation and revocation of licences in certain circumstances.
19. Books, registers and documents to be kept on the premises.
20. Power to inspect registers, accounts and documents.
21. Application of Excise Ordinance, &c.
22. This Law not to apply 10 any naval, military or air force canteen or mess.
23. Licence fees to be credited to fund of local authority
24. Offences and penalties. [5,14 of 1980.]
25. Regulations.
26. Interpretation.