Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited, as the Development Councils Act.
2. Constitution of a Development Council.
3. Composition of a Development Council.
4. Term of office of elected members of a Development Council.
5. Executive Committee or District Minister to exercise powers.& c, when the members of Development Council cease to hold office.
6. General Meeting of the Council.
7. Meetings of Development Councils.
8. Quorum and how matters to be decided.
9. Presidency at meetings of the Council.
10. Adjournment in case of absence of quorum.
11. Adjournment of meetings of the council.
12. Minutes of proceedings.
13. Casting vote.
14. Notices may be served by post.
15. Special Committees of the council.
16. Vacation of office by members.
17. Functions of Development Councils.
18. Development Councils successors to Town Councils and Village Councils and not to perform and discharge certain duties and functions in Municipal and Urban areas.
19. The Development Fund and its constituents.
20. Moneys received by Development council to be lodged with the bank.
21. Power to invest any part of the Fund.
22. Application of the Fund.
23. Orders,cheques,& c., for payment out of the Fund.
24. Statement of receipts,disbursements,& c., on account of the Fund.
25. Power of Development Council to levy taxes,& c.
26. Cabinet of Ministers to allocate funds to Development Councils.
27. Borrowing powers of Development Councils.
28. Development Councils may raise money by mortgage.
29. Money borrowed charged on revenue of Council.
30. Regulations to be made by the Minister.
31. Executive Committee Development Council.
32. Presidency at meetings of the Executive Committee.
33. Quorum.
34. Meetings of the Executive Committee.
35. Functions of an Executive Committee
36. Powers of an Executive Committee.
37. Casting vote.
38. Notices may be served by post.
39. Annual development plan and budget.
40. Procedure in regard to annual development plan and budget.
41. Development Council to consider annual development plan and budget.
42. Supplementary Budget.
43. Powers of Development Council with regard to budget,supplementary budget and the annual development plan.
44. Annual Development plan to be approved by the Minister.
45. Lapse of authority for expenditure sanctioned by budget.
46. Reduction or increase of expenditure.
47. The district service.
48. Appointment of District Secretary.
49. Appointment of staff to the district service from other services.
50. Annual administration report.
51. Audit of accounts.
52. Auditors' reports.
53. Irregularities in accounts.
54. Powers of Council in relation to auditor.
55. Remuneration of auditor.
56. Surcharges and appeals therefrom.
57. Contracts involving expenditure not exceeding five thousand rupees.
58. contacts involving expenditure exceeding five thousand rupees.
59. Officers and servants not to be interested in contracts of Council.
60. Tenders.
61. Duty of District Minister to notify any differance of opinion between him and the committee to the President.
62. Power of President to remove members of Executive Committee.
63. Dissolution of Development council.
64. power of Minister to call for extracts from proceedings.
65. Power of Minister to call for returns,& c.
66. Power of Minister to make inquiry.
67. Power of Minister to make Order requiring Council to do the necessary work.
68. Power to enforce Order.
69. Power to make by-laws.
70. Confirmation and publication of by-laws.
71. Regulations.
72. Copies of by-laws and regulations to be made available.
73. Development Councils may enter into contracts.
74. Prevention of Frauds Ordinance not to apply.
75. Recovery of taxes.
76. Service of notices orders and other documents.
77. Development Council to authorize any member or officer to institute or defend action.
78. Limitation of actions against Council.
79. Limitation of prosecution.
80. Protection of members of the Council.
81. Defendant's costs,& c. may be paid from the fund.
82. Remuneration of members of a Development council.
83. Members of Development Councils and others deemed to be public servants.
84. Development Council deemed to be a scheduled institution within the meaning of the Bribery Act.
85. Prosecutions to be before Magistrate.
86. Application of fines.
87. Records and documents to be incharge of District Secretary.
88. Immovable and movable property to be transferred to a Development Council.
89. Land or building may be acquired by the Government for a Development Council.
90. Operation of this Act within the Area of Authority of the Greater Colombo Economic Commission and its effect.
93. Meaning of "administrative district".
94. Removal of difficulties.
95. Interpretation