Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Servicemen (Collection and Disposal of Specified Property) Act.
2. Committee to take charge of movable property of a deceased serviceman and to pay preferential Charges.
3. Preferential charges.
4. Sri Lanka estate of a deceased serviceman.
5. Decision of questions as to preferential charges and the amount thereof.
6. Payment of preferential charges by other persons.
7. Powers and duties of the committee where preferential charges are not paid or secured.
8. Disposal of property and money delivered to paymaster.
9. Disposal of medals and decorations.
10. Property in custody of committee not to be property for application for, or grant of, probate or letters of administration.
11. Application of section 547 of the Civil procedure Code.
12. Validity of payments, sales,& c under this Act
13. Saving for rights of executor or administrator.
14. Application of Act to deserters, & c.
15. Application of Act to person of unsound mind.
16. Regulations.
17. Interpretation.
18. Act to prevail contained in case of conflict with other written law.