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1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Prevention of Crimes Ordinance.
2. Procedure where a person accused of a non-summary crime is suspected of having been previously convicted.
3. Procedure where a person is convicted of a crime after summary trial.
4. Mode of proving previous conviction.
5. Power of court to direct supervision of previously convicted criminal after discharge from jail.
6. Sentence to be passed on criminals previously convicted.
7. Preventive detention.
8. President may commute rigorous imprisonment to a sentence of preventive detention.
9. Preventive detention to commence after imprisonment.
10. Minister may set apart prison for preventive detention.
11. Grant of licences to prisoners to be at large.
12. Consequences of conviction of crime committed while at large licence.
13. Non-production of licence or breach of any of the conditions of licence declared an offence.
14. Arrest of licence holder on suspicion.
15. Duty of Magistrate to report conviction to Minister and Order of Minister on such report.
16. Consequences of Order made by Minister under section 15.
17. Rules to be made by the Minister.
18. Interpretation.