Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Knives Ordinance*.(Primary Court has exclusive jurisdiction in respect of all offences under this Ordinance under section 33 of the Judicature Act read with Gazette Extraordinary No. 43/4 of 1979.07.02.)
2. Application of Ordinance.
3. Penalty for wearing &c, prohibited knives.
4. Exception with regard to instruments indispensable for lawful trades &c.
5. Exception with regard to military weapons.
6. Power of peace officers, &c., to require production of knives for inspection.
7. Court for trial of offences.
8. Offenders under this Ordinance not to be discharged with admonition or conditionally.
9. Penalties for false charge.
10. Limitation of prosecutions.
11. Power of Magistrate to order persons convicted under section 315 of the Penal Code to be whipped.
12. Convicted person may be prohibited from carrying a knife.
13. Power of Divisional Secretary of the Divisional Secretary's Division to issue licences.
14. Contravention of order or condition of licence.
15. Power of Minister of Justice to declare certain offences to be cognizable offences.
16. Interpretation.