Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Lotteries Ordinance.
2. Lotteries declared nuisances.
3. Promoter or conductor of unlicensed lottery.
4. Person drawing ticket or chance in lottery.
5. Person selling or buying ticket or chance.
6. Persons assisting in setting up lottery.
7. Keeping premises for purposes of lottery.
8. Minister to issue Lottery licences
9. Lottery licences may be issued to societies.
10. Only horse-race lottery licences may be issued to racing clubs.
11. Applications for lottery licences.
12. Secretary may require applicants for lottery licences to furnish information and documents.
13. General conditions applicable to lottery licences.
14. Special conditions applicable to horse-race lottery licences.
15. Disposal of unclaimed prizes in licensed lotteries.
16. Persons who are deemed to promote or conduct licenced lotteries.
17. Lottery licence fees.
18. Authorized representatives may act on behalf of societies or racing clubs.
19. Lottery tax.
20. Offences in respect of licensed lotteries.
21. Search warrants. [ 7, 6 of 1944.]
22. No prosecution but by authority of Attorney-General.
23. Penalty for under offence ordinance.
24. Forfeiture of money and disposal of productions before court.
25. Proof lottery licence by production certified copies.
26. Informer's share of fine.
27. Informer competent witness.
28. Interpretation.