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Acts & Ordinances
Marginal Notes
1. Short title, date of operation and application.
2. Establishment of the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka.
3. Members of the Commission.
4. Duties of the Constitutional Council under this Act.
5. Qualifications &c of members of the Commission.
6. Resignation, removal and term of office, of members of the Commission,
7. Procedure for removal of member from office.
8. Chairman of the Commission.
9. Meetings of the Commissioner.
10. Seal of the Commission.
11. Director-General and Deputy Director-General of the Commission
12. Staff of the Commission.
13. Official secrecy.
14. Objectives of the Commission.
15. Powers of the Commission to require information.
16. General powers of the Commission.
17. Functions of the Commission.
18. Public hearing
19. Finality of order made under section 18 subject in appeal on a question of law.
20. Evidence of documents.
21. Contravention of an order, award or direction.
22. Commission's competition functions.
23. Criteria for Commission's competition function.
24. Commission's competition enforcement powers.
25. Powers of entry inspection and search.
26. Principles to be applied.
27. Offences and penalties.
28. Consumer protection.
29. Consumer Consultative Committee.
30. Minister to issue general policy guidelines.
31. Fund of the Commission.
32. Power to borrow.
33. Provision relating to expenditure.
34. Accounts and audit.
35. Co-operation between Commission and other bodies.
36. Protection of action.
37. Annual report.
38. Power of Commission to make rules.
39. Provision for conflict with other written laws.
40. Adjustment of Commission to make rules.
41. Members and Staff of the Commission deemed to be public servants.
42. Commission deemed to be a schedules institution for the purpose of the Bribery Act.
43. Sinhala text to prevail in case of inconsistency.
44. Interpretation.