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Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Tertiary and Vocational Education Act, No, 20 of 1990.
2. Establishment of Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission.
3. Objects of the Commission.
4. Powers of the Commission.
5. General directions by the Minister.
6. Constitution of the Commission.
7. Vacation of office.
8. Meetings of the Commission.
9. Committees.
10. Director-General and staff of the Commission.
11. Development Plan.
12. Commission to prepare plans for nationally recognized, system of tertiary education and vocational education awards.
13. Determination of specified courses.
14. Registration of Institutes.
15. Registration of specified courses.
16. Registration of recognized examination.
17. Commission's powers in respect of persons and institutes establishments registered under section 14 and 15.
18. Powers of Director-General in respect of Institutes persons and establishments registered under this Act.
19. Appeals against refusal to register.
20. Cancellation of registration.
21. Appeals against cancellation.
22. Associate Degree.
23. Award of Associate Degrees by Institutes of Higher learning.
24. Associate Degree Institutes.
25. Associate Degree Committee.
26. Revocation of order made under section 24.
27. Appeal against revocation.
28. Regulations.
29. Director-General to apply to court.
30. Exemption from registration of certain, institutes.
31. Exemption from provisions of sections 14 and 16 certain statutory bodies.
32. Commission, to submit a report.
33. Exemption from application of this Act.
34. Repeal of certain section of Education Ordinance.
35. Interpretations.
36. Establishment of the National apprentice and Industrial Training Authority.
37. Objects of the Authority.
38. The powers of the Authority.
39. Constitution of the Authority.
40. Act not invalidated by reason of a vacancy.
41. The seal of the Authority.
42. Meetings of the Authority.
43. Remuneration of the members of the Authority.
44. Borrowing Powers of the Authority.
45. Committees of the Authority.
46. Directions by the Minister.
47. Chief Executive Officer.
48. Powers of the Authority in regard to appointment the staff of the Authority and their training.
49. Appointment of officers from other services to the staff of the Authority.
50. Appointment of the Inspector.
51. Powers of the Inspector.
52. Delegation of powers, functions and duties to officers and servants of the Authority.
53. The Fund of the Authority.
54. Surplus moneys.
55. Accounts of the Authority.
56. Financial year of the Authority.
57. The Auditor General's report and report of the annual activities of the Authority to be transmitted to the Minister.
58. Minister to direct the commission to make Development Plans.
59. Initial training.
60. Minister to prescribe occupations in respect of which initial training may be provided.
61. Provision to be made for institutions outside training places to provide initial training.
62. Nature of training to be given.
63. Qualification of a trainee.
64. Contracts.
65. Written form of contracts.
66. Period of initial training.
67. Registration of contracts.
68. Authority to specify the maximum number of contracts.
69. Entry of amendment, and deletion.
70. Authority to order remedies whose shortcomings are found.
71. Termination without notice, during probation period.
72. Notice of termination.
73. Register of initial training contract.
74. Invalid agreements.
75. Duties of a training employer.
76. Duties of a trainee.
77. Powers of the Authority in respect of training establishments.
78. Vocational Training Report.
79. Who may engage trainees.
80. Schema for training.
81. Re-training Programmes.
82. Formulation of National Trade Tests.
83. Training cess.
84. Employer to maintain record of progress.
85. Records of the Authority.
86. Binding effect of contract.
87. No writ to issue against person or property of a member of the Authority.
88. Officers and servants of the Authority deemed to be public servants.
89. Protection for action taken under this Act or on the direction of the Authority
90. Offences by a training employer.
91. General penalty.
92. Offences by bodies of persons.
93. Rules.
94. Regulations.
95. Repeal and savings.
96. Authority to exercise powers for a period of two years notwithstanding the absence of a Development Plan.
97. Interpretation.