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Acts & Ordinances
Marginal Notes
1. Short title and date of operation
2. Objects of the Act
3. Establishment of the Petroleum Development Authority of Sri Lanka
4. Powers, duties and functions of the Authority
5. Constitution of the Board of Directors
6. Chairperson of the Board
7. Disqualifications for being appointed as a member of the Board
8. Terms of office of the appointed members of the Board
9. Removal, resignation etc. of appointed members
10. Quorum and the Meetings of the Board
11. Acts or proceedings of the Board deemed not to be invalid by reason of any vacancy
12. Seal of the Authority
13. Ownership of petroleum resources and petroleum data
14. Policy Advisory Committee
15. Petroleum Resources Agreement or Joint Study Agreement
16. Demarcation and designation of exploration blocks or development blocks
17. Calling of proposals for the conduct of petroleum operations in respect of defined exploration blocks
18. Petroleum Resources Agreement
19. Joint Study Agreements
20. Development Licence
21. Transfer or assignment of a participating interest
22. Responsibility of persons with a participating interest
23. Licensing of service providers
24. Unit Development Plan
25. Minister to designate a body of persons to be the National Petroleum Operator
26. Extent of State?s participating interest
27. Terms as to production sharing
28. Fiscal stability
29. Determination of profits and income
30. Appointment of a Director-General of the Authority
31. Powers, duties and functions of the Director-General
32. Staff of the Authority and remuneration
33. Appointment of public officers to the staff of the Authority
34. Appointment of officers from higher educational institutions to the Authority
35. Establishment of the Petroleum Resources Development Fund
36. Financial year and the audit of accounts
37. Acquisition of property for contractors
38. Directions of the Minister
39. Delegation of powers, duties and functions of the Board
40. Delegation of powers, duties and functions by the Director-General
41. Powers of entry
42. Annual report
43. All members of the Authority etc. deemed to be public Servants
44. Authority deemed to be a Scheduled Institution
45. Expenses to be paid out of the Fund of the Authority
46. Offences
47. Offences by a body of persons
48. Regulations
49. Rules
50. Repeals, savings and transitional provisions
51. Interpretation
52. Sinhala text to prevail in case of inconsistency