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Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Offensive Weapons Act, No. 18 of 1966.
2. Prohibition of the importation, &c., of offensive weapons.
3. Damage, &c., to property by use of offensive weapons,
4. Attempt to cause death or injury, and causing of injury, with offensive weapons.
5. Attempts to commit offences under this Act.
6. Abetment of offences under this Act
7. Power of police to arrest without a warrant.
8. Power of police to search premises.
9. Offences under this Act to be cognizable offences. Cap. 20.
10. Offences under this Act to be non-bailable except on order of the Supreme Court.
11. Chapter XXVI of the Criminal Procedure Code not to apply to persons charged with, or accused of, offences under this Act. Cap. 20.
12. Certain offenders to be indicted without preliminary inquiry.
13. Priority to be given to proceedings for offences under this Act.
14. Forfeiture Off aritcles.
15. Evidence of offensive weapon.
16. Interpretation.