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Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Crop Insurance Act, No. 13 of 1961.
2. The Commissioner to administer this Act.
3. The Commissioner to be subject to Minister's directions.
4. Power of Deputy Commissioner, Senior Assistant Commissioner and other officer authorized by the Commissioner.
5. Power of an Assistant Commissioner appointed to an Administrative District.
6. Organizations that may be utilized in administering this Act.
7. Specified crops and specified areas.
8. Determination of insurable acreage and persons entitled to the specified crops on such acreage, and appeals from such determination.
9. Certain facts to be notified to the Assistant Commissioner by owners and tenants of certain lands.
10. Insurance unit.
11. Compulsory insurance of specified crops in specified areas.
12. Term of insurance.
13. Policies of insurance.
14. Duration of cover of insurance.
15. Premiums.
16. Apportionment of liability to pay premium.
17. Interest payable on premiums.
18. The amount of a premium in default may be recovered in like manner as a debt due to the Crown, and may be deducted from certain sums due to the defaulter.
19. Rebate on premiums.
20. Conditions for payment of indemnity.
21. Notice of loss of specified crops to be given to the Assistant Commissioner.
22. Claim to indemnity.
23. Award of indemnity.
24. Rates of indemnity.
25. Maximum amount of indemnity.
26. Appeal in respect of rejection of claim to indemnity or amount of indemnity awarded.
27. Payment of indemnity on death of person entitled thereto.
28. Assignment of insurance policy by way of security for loan.
29. Prohibition of seizure or sequestration of indemnity due to any person.
30. Deduction that may be made from the amount of indemnity.
31. Effect of transfer of interest to which an insurance policy relates.
32. Voidance of insurance.
33. The Crop Insurance Advisory Board.
34. Duty of the Board.
35. Establishment of Insurance Fund.
36. Power of inspection of lands in which specified crops are raised.
37. Power to direct an insured to take measures to prevent damage to insured land.
38. Power of Commissioner to give directions, or to release insured land from the insurable acreage, upon occurrence of damage to insured crops.
39. Prohibit! on of raising a crop other than a crop to which the policy of insurance relates and of the use of the insured land for any other purpose.
40. Duty of persons entitled to specified crops from lands in a specified area to maintain records.
41. Regulations.
42. Interpretation.