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Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Agricultural Products (Guaranteed Prices and Control of Hulling and Milling) Act, No. 33 of 1961.
2. Grading of a scheduled agricultural product.
3. Fixing of a guaranteed price for, or a guaranteed price for each or any of the different grades of, a scheduled agricultural product.
4. The Guaranteed Prices Advisory Committee.
5. Power of the Commissioner to purchase or authorize other persons to purchase scheduled agricultural products, to establish or cause the establishment of purchasing stations, and to establish stores. Cap. 124.
6. Authorized purchasers.
7. Purchase of graded scheduled agricultural products by the Commissioner or an authorized purchaser.
8. The Commissioner or an authorized purchaser to pay the guaranteed price for a scheduled agricultural product.
9. From whom the Commissioner or an authorized purchaser may purchase a scheduled agricultural product. Cap. 124. [ 3, 17 of 1964.]
9A. Recovery of monies due to the Government or to registered co-operative societies. [ 4, 17 of 1964.]
10. Losses incurred by the Commissioner in purchase, processing, distribution and sale of scheduled agricultural products to be met out of moneys voted for the purpose.
11. Control of the hulling or milling of paddy.
12. Power to specify the quantity and quality of rice to be produced by persons hulling or milling paddy for the Department of Agrarian Services.
13. Hullers or millers of paddy for the Department of Agrarian Services not to contravene order under section 12.
14. Powers of entry, inspection, &c.
15. Regulations.
16. Offences
17. Offences by bodies of persons.
18. Penalties.
19. Offences to be cognizable. Cap. 20.
20. Certain officers to be peace officers.
21. Directions to which the Commissioner and his Deputies and Assistants are to be subject.
22. Powers of the Commissioner which may be exercised by his Deputies and Assistants.
23. Amendment of the Schedule to this Act.
24. Amendment of the Schedule to this Act.