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Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Licensing of Traders Act, No 62 of 1961.
2. Licensing of traders.
3. Regulations.
4. Power to make regulations.
5. Punitive order.
6. Constitution of Tribunal of Appeal.
7. Appeals to the Supreme Court.
8. Licence not transferable and not to be used for the benefit of any person other than the licensee.
9. Punishment of persons convicted by court.
10. Effect of conviction of a trader.
11. Forfeiture. Cap. 101.
12. Offences under this Act to be cognizable. Cap. 20.
13. Certain officers deemed to be peace officers. Cap. 171. Cap. 173.
14. Duty of a Tribunal or a court of law to report to the Controller of Immigration and Emigration.
15. Interpretation
16. Act to prevail in case of conflict with other written law.